Knight deal

Damn…good for him tho. Congrats!!

Been an oriole fan since the brooks Robinson days Scouting dept and front office stinks. Look at their record. Was so happy to finally see them do something right when they drafted knight. Hope he has a long and great career with the o’s.

Sad thing is, if BK has the kind of career we think he might, he’d probably stay in Baltimore four or five years then go somewhere that could afford to pay him. Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, teams like that. Baltimore is not a destination team for free agents.

Yep that’s right. But they will spend money. They just spend it wrong. Chris Davis , 167 mil, lol, he’s pathetic. That is why they need young home grown talent and certainly don’t get that from scouting, draft department. This was first good draft choice they made. It can be done. O’s had a mini dynasty in those days. 4 20 game winners on one team. All stars in the field. Glory days. Angelos needs to step away and sell team. We should have a new gm after this year hopefully. Glad Knight signed w them. Good for him

Good for him! got a much better deal than most in that slot…hope he does well…certainly has the ability.

I’m a longtime Orioles fan too. Glad to see Blaine go to the good guys! As bad as they are, he’s probably starting next week against the Red Sox!

Good to have another o’s fan on here. I wish they would rest his arm a bit before they throw him in the fire. They project he will move up quickly but why ruin his phyche when no matter how good a pitcher pitches he loses because the o’s can’t score runs. Wait till they trade machado and get some seasoning for some youngsters. Wonder how late no he will stay in a ball before they bring him up to aa Bowie.

So that figure is his signing bonus, right? What do minor leaugers make as salary? I know it is not much.

have a feeling that beating all those 1st round pitchers the last couple of years played a part in the signing bonus he got…bargain in the 3rd round and was rewarded for those wins…just my opinion

Yes, that is his signing bonus. Minor league pay ranges from about $8,000 per year for the lowest level to $60,000 in Triple-A. Players are only paid during the season, anywhere from $1,300 to $10,000 per month.

The signing bonus is meant to compensate for whatever living expenses the salary doesn’t cover. Between the low wages, the long bus rides and the other challenges that come about from playing minor league ball, you see why the turnover rate is so high. Most players who sign will be out of professional baseball in a year or two.

Minor league baseball is a crappy way to live. Players in college have it so much better. Fewer games and chartered flights. Only players that are not miserable are starting pitchers. They do get days off.

Remember during Michael Jordan’s baseball diversion he bought the Barons a tricked-out $350,000 bus to make the road trips slightly less awful. It had six televisions, VCRs (a big deal in 1994) and a lounge in the back.

Chris Davis signed with the Hogs out of juco in 2007 before deciding to sign with the Rangers instead. Interesting coincidence that you identify him as an example of Oriole misspending.

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167 million I think. Hitting under .200 this year. Has been benched often. Last year was the same. Just because he was almost a Razorback doesn’t make up for his lack of production. Strikes out more than often. I don’t care where he signed before he went pro. Can’t trade him, no one wants him. Had 1 awesome year and 1 good year. Rangers were glad to get rid of him. Not positive but think he had some controversy w ped’s.

Why is it interesting? Facts are facts.

Because he was almost a Hog. I agree he was paid too much. Most of the people in MLB who do produce are paid too much, but that’s how the market works. Clayton Kershaw would make $1 million per start this year if he had started every fifth game, which he won’t. Based on the number of pitches he threw in 2017, he makes $12,688 PER PITCH. You gonna tell me a 55-foot curveball is worth 12 grand? Or even a strikeout pitch (maybe with the bases loaded)?

agree with you on pay in mlb. i don’t follow many teams but i do follow the orioles closely. was very happy they chose knight. in fact read an article this morning that said he probably wouldn’t be used much this summer to rest his arm. he pitched a lot of innings for us this year. which if true is good to see. i read shaddy and koch are already playing.