Knight Commission recommends FBS-NCAA split

That the big boys in football govern themselves, essentially. This plan wouldn’t destroy March Madness or the CWS; the separate organization would be for football only.

One of the options the group considered was a Power Five-only organization for all sports, but they decided the differences between a Power Five football program and the minor sports on the same campus were greater than the difference between a P5 football program and a Group of 5 football program.

The plan was presented to NCAA officials today.

Funny how keeping the other sports under the NCAA’s wing means that it still controls March Madness, its primary revenue source.

At some point after football goes its own way, I wonder if the big and mid-major basketball schools will start to wonder why they need the NCAA to regulate that sport.

If the Power 5/6 completely splits from the NCAA, March Madness is dead. Giving the little guy a chance is all well and good, but having something like Gonzaga vs. Richmond in the NCG every year ain’t gonna cut it. Maybe killing the Dance is a necessary evil, I don’t know.

I would encourage folks to avoid the ESPN article and go to the Knight Commission website. Funny how some notions lead to wild assumptions.

Here’s the Knight press release:

And the full report:

I read the ESPN story and I read the release and the report. I don’t see any major discrepancies between the three,

LOL. I had already read the report, not the press release, when I recommended going to the website. I no longer have a day job, so I have the time to delve a bit deeper. My recommendation remains…Jeff.

I knew there have been rumblings about something along these lines for a while, but I’m surprised to see the Knight Commission endorses it. That’s big. That might be the catalyst for this to happen.

I like the idea of separating the P5 from the G5 in football, but keeping them all under the NCAA umbrella for other sports. I could see making the P5 into a P6, perhaps, but it makes sense to me for the top tier schools to govern themselves.

The only thing I hate is that I’d like to see more baseball scholarships & maybe even another basketball scholarship. Not sure those can get done if small schools call the shots in those sports.

Probably not going to happen. Might not even happen if the P6 broke away completely. I’m not sure the Big Ten, Pac-12 and Big East would go for more than 11.7, and some of the ACC schools for that matter. Basketball isn’t really an issue; nobody goes 13 deep in their rotation. And you’d have to bump women’s hoops above 15 as well.

I think the FBS football teams break away at some point. The NCAA would take a big deep sigh of relief when it happens. And I suspect it does.

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