KK Robinson sets OV

Same weekend as Moses Moody. Oct. 18-20.

2 questions.

  1. Wasn’t that the original weekend Lampkin was supposed to visit?
  2. Isn’t Eddie really good friends with both? Could them and the staff still get him to visit and maybe flip him?

Just from reading the coverage from those who cover Arkansas recruiting, I don’t get the feeling that Lampkin is as high of a priority as some of the others.

Might be true, also might be a mistake

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I could not tell that from coverage on this forum. Are you referencing another forum?

I am just speaking in general about reports of which players the staff has brought in for unofficial visits, done in-home visits with, and have set up official visits with. The staff has been much more active with several other players than they have been with Lampkin.

I think KK and Jaylin Williams are Hogs. If we miss on Moody and Moore I think Muss will get comparable players. I’m big on this staff’s recruiting potential.