KK may no like the Lykes signing


It’s about raising everyone’s game. Adding losers ain’t a good thing unless you want mediocrity.

I like the Lykes signing. I’m wondering out loud what KK thinks about it and if it would cause him to enter that portal too?

He may not but you can’t have one unproven PG on the roster.

I think going against a lightening bug like that every day in practice, would only make KK a better player. I hope he sees it that way. The flip side is that Muss will probably not play 2 small Guards at the same time very often.

At the end of the day, every school has 13 guys on scholarship. You have competition anywhere you go.

In today’s environment, coaches can’t worry about anything other than keeping their jobs. It’s win or get fired.


Preseason practice must be competitive and that makes players improve. No matter what your name is you have to earn your minutes. Period.
There’s no reason to have a player on scholarship that can’t help the team and contribute!
Richard how much more movement do you think happens before next season starts?

I don’t know. If Toney, Umude, and Williams are on the floor with Lykes, I don’t think Muss would hesitate playing KK with that foursome. That assumes that KK is back 100% healthy and playing well. Kk can play the 1 or 2.

Sign of the times and this portal ain’t going away. If you’re not comfortable at one place transferring out without proving your skill against good competition may only add to a players woes.

If KK is scared of competition he’ll never make in the NBA.

Agree-if you can play solid D and hit an open shot in the offense, then you can play for Muss. KK just might excel with teammates who are also very skilled. like FF kind of excel!


I agree that if you have NBA aspirations, you must expect that you will have strong competitors. I see this as an opportunity to practice with a bunch of alpha dogs. Run with the dogs or stay under the porch.

If KK were afraid of competition I dont think he would have went to the prep school, or whatever it is. He would have stayed in his original HS and been the big fish.

Teams also have to have quality backups ready to step up when injuries hit, be they season-ending or short-term. And never discount the value of in-game depth.

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