KK jumps 40 spots from 76 to 36 and final rankings

Going to be very hard to keep this young man off the court very long in my opinion he has everything you look for in a great PG.

Can’t recall a jump like this. I assume they saw him at Oak Hill and he had a real good showing.

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The only game I saw him in I believe was at that game and he was just awesome, penetrating at will, then got open shots from the three and nailed all the ones I saw him take.

I’ve been saying he will start by SEC play.

When we first started talking about the signees, I thought Williams was the biggest need, after I watched KK this year, I changed that to KK. He reminds me so much of Mayberry. So smooth.

Moody also jumped from 46 to 37 in 247 rankings. According to 247, KK is now the highest ranked Arkansas player.

RazorAg always asks us to look at 247 composite rankings, which is average of all services. And the composite rankings are

41 Moody
59 KK
75 JW
103 Davis

Davis has now fallen out of Top 100. Who knows why! But he has been steadily sliding.

I have the same question someone asked. What changed the rankings since they haven’t played since the last rankings? Did scouts have more time to watch highlights since they are stranded at home? It also makes you question the validity of the rankings in the first place.

Very deserved jump by KK. Also glad to see Moody get his deserved jump. I saw KK in 2 games on TV and in both, he stood out as a very skilled (in all phases of the game) PG.

Gotta give kudos to RazorAG. He was very high on KK going back a couple of years, before he got to Oak Hill. IMO, before he’s done on the Hill, he will go down as a great Razorback PG. Hopefully we will get at least 3 years from him.

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Rankings always change. I do think it’s spending more time and more talk among the folks who are doing the rankings. And, I do think those doing the rankings pay attention to where players go (as to which school). If you think they don’t, you are just naive.

I think his drop has been more of a slow drop since his last AAU season. I’ve seen several posts that he didn’t have a great final AAU season, at least from a statistical standpoint. Especially toward the end of the season, he seemed to struggle, especially shooting.

He did turn that around and had a spectacular senior season at Jacksonville. It appears to me though, that if a Nationally ranked player stays at his home school, and it is not nationally ranked, the recuiting sites don’t give any credence to a great season.

Conversely, KK and Moody both played for top nationally ranked teams their senior season. Both, especially KK, had great seasons and received lots of national attention for their play. I think Devo’s drop is probably more due to other players playing for top 20 or 30 high schools moving up past him. Had Devo played his senior season at Oak Hill or Montverde, he probably wouldn’t have dropped. JMHO.

I agree with that assessment.

Good take, Harley.

PJ, 247 had not ranked players since before the high school season, so this is the update for the time they saw them during the season.

Is this normal for 247 to rank recruits before the high school season and then after all the signing is done? If that is so, it doesn’t make sense to look at 247 rankings until their final ranking.

Well, that wouldn’t be any fun, would it? Yes, there are several iterations of the rankings from the time a prospect is a rising soph to a graduating senior. There are multiple rankings releases in the spring and summer, that typically correspond with the live periods during grassroots (AAU) basketball. Then, there’s a gap during high school…maybe one adjustment mid season for some services. This is not a 247 only thing. That’s the cadence for all services.

I guess the high school season just flies by. Never noticed that the rankings were kind of frozen through the high school season. Thanks for the clarification,

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