KK is a Hog


Thanks RD, that’s something for all Hog fans to be Thankful for today.

Go Hogs!

KK gave us a great gift for Thanksgiving. What a great 2020 class CEM is bringing in, And, he’s still not done!

He’s answered all the questions I might have had about his ability to recruit high school players. It sure appears our basketball program is in great hands.

Great pick up! Musselman is doing great!

He’s supposed to be at the game Saturday.

It’s unbelievable to see such a change in a program in one year and I say that with no ill will towards MA in any way. I’m thankful for what MA done while he was here and thankful to get CEM. Hopefully our program continues to improve and become once again a force on the national stage. WPS

Wow could be a top a 5 class already. All of the pieces are really coming together quickly.