KK and Conner

Muss knows more basketball in his little finger than I ever will. That said, for a fan and a former player (and now admittedly a conductor! ha!), I do know the game.

I would be curious to understand the reasoning behind starting KK…then playing him FOUR minutes. That’s an awfully quick trigger. And Not playing Conner at all?

I don’t see practice…but especially with KK, why start him if he is gonna have THAT short a leash? Wow.


KK got into quick foul trouble and turned the ball over a few times. It could have been nerves, but I would personally give him a longer leash.

As for Connor, most on here know my opinion on him.

KK had zero turnovers and four assists:


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My apologies

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I honestly don’t know what Muss is doing. He has one true point on his roster and pulls him after 2 missed shots and 4 assists. KK was ranked higher than Moses coming out of high school, and there is no conceivable way he could play the point any worse than the guys Muss is trying to “convert” into point guards.


yea…I think Muss is a fabulous coach…but no one is perfect. And developing a very short leash and a tendency to get irritated by the play of specific players does seem to be a trait. And not just this season.

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To end the game KK and Robinson hit 3 3’s. That pretty good. The turnovers in the game were just bad and the rebounding killed the hogs. They couldn’t throw the ball in the ocean in the first half.
The transfer kick the hogs tail. Double double early in the second half.
Flush this game and get somebody on the court that can hit a darn shot.
Enough said

KK needed a longer run. He needed a lot more minutes earlier in the season too cuz apparently he’s been healthy enough to play. Agree with you now, Jeremy. You were right all along. I thought Notae and Lykes could adequately handle the pg duties. Nope. Up to this point it’s been a complete debacle.


I want to comment further, but I won’t. Tonite was embarrassing on sooo many levels. All I am confident in saying is Muss needs to get his s$%t together. He recruited all these players, and by all accounts, they are really good individual players. It is his job to make them into a really good TEAM.

I thought KK would get another shot starting the 2nd half. When that didn’t happen, well the writing was on the wall for whatever reason.

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IF the hogs don’t get it together soon ky will blow us out of the ozarks.

Well, I certainly don’t know what goes on behind the scenes at basketball practice. But I do know kids. Especially talented ones. Kids these days…like it or not…can’t be handled like the “old” days. Even Nick Saban says that. Yanking a kid after hardly any time on the floor and just leaving him on the bench sends a message…and its not one of “I’ll help you excel…or you don’t have to be perfect.”

KK may have a bad or mediocre attitude for all I know…and if he does, it explains this. If he has a good attitude however, I really don’t understand what good starting him, yanking him after a couple of missed shots, and then playing him for 4 minutes was all about. It feels impetuous and a little petulant to be candid.


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Yep. I gave muss the benefit of the doubt when I was thinking i hate his stand around and run the clock out offense whenever we have a lead, even against crappy non conference opponents, because he knows what he’s doing and just wants to win blah blah blah… Nope! You run the damn score up and go more than 2 deep on your bench when you got freakin Mercer at home in the Bud!

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Kentucky lost to 3 win notre dame. Kentucky is as bad as we are lol

More and more Cat fans want Calipari gone

Bama, LSU, and Auburn are the 3 that concern me

As much as it pains me to say it, Kentucky beat North Carolina by 30 today, while we lost to Hofstra by double digits. And just know I HATE Kentucky. We are not well right now.

Didn’t even know UK played. I thought their game today was cancelled.

Nope. CBS game in Vegas. Destroyed Carolina. Makes what we did tonite look even worse.

I just want to see this Razorback team perform to its talent level. I know they are capable of better. This is my last post for now.

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UK just beat UNC by 30