Had a great game but Reindl was the player of the game.

What a performance.

Nice clean up by Cronin.

Phil had a good point in the postgame. Aggressive baserunning by Gates and Bonfield was very important in that win.

That catch saved Reindl, but I wouldn’t argue it. Both did their jobs quite well. DBU is scary good.

That was a huge play in the game. The RF threw an absolute bullet. We were very aggressive tonight. With all of their pitching depth problems it was driving me crazy that we were 1st-pitch swinging so much.

But, it worked out. DVH also gets a lot of credit for having a lightning quick hook. He saw that it was Bad Campbell and bailed quickly. That was huge was a 4-0 or 5-0 deficit would have been difficult to overcome.

Very likely saved us from having to play them again on

Can someone explain Campbell to me? None are better when he’s good, but when he’s off…

Campbell to me has an odd delivery he arches back and tries to throw too much down hill and he is just not repeating his release point.
I was fearful of what we saw last night even though he was spot on for 3-4 starts.I don’t trust his control becasue of it.I don’t know what we can do,we need him to be accountable becasue we will need Reindl to not have to cover 7 innings.

There is little doubt that he struggles with his release point on his fast ball. He’s just not repeating it. I don’t know if that’s a mental or physical problem. Sometimes he’s on. But when he loses it, he doesn’t get it back in that game. I thought earlier this year that he fatigued quickly. But clearly last night it wasn’t fatigue. Wes Johnson watches them warm in the bullpen when it’s a starter. He must have known that he wasn’t hitting his location with his fast ball, because they sent Reindl down after one batter. I was told this morning that Reindl threw in the outfield before the game. He didn’t throw long, but he was partly loose before the game. That probably meant that he didn’t need many pitches in the first inning to get the call.

It’s a shame that Campbell is struggling so much. He could be a key ingredient if the hogs have go deep in a losers bracket. However, at this point I would start Reindl over Campbell.

Me too. However, apparently Reindl is much more comfortable (& maybe more effective) coming in from the BP. It’s too bad. If Jake could start & give us 6-7 good innings, it’d be easier to test Isaiah in relief.

I have mentioned several times that I think Loeske would be a good starter.He has real swing and miss stuff and can just dominate as he did texas tech and that is as good a hitting team as there is in the nation.the only time he did start was against Memphis i believe and he blew them away for 8 k in 3 inn.

Had we lost last night, I suspect Loseke would have started today’s game. He has been effective & far more consistent than Campbell. I hope we sweep SC next weekend & don’t have to test Isaiah to get that 2nd win on the 3rd game.

The dynamic changes in Omaha. I don’t recall exactly how the games are spaced, but I know they don’t play on consecutive days like they do in the regionals & super regionals. There are two 4-team double elimination tournaments played along side each other for the first several days. Then the winners of those two brackets face each other in a best of 3 final series.

yes Omaha is not near as hard on the staff as regionals.

Omaha is every other day basically. Last year LSU played June 17, 19, 21, 23 and 24 (21st was loser’s bracket; if you win your first two you get two more days off), then 26-27 in the title series with the Wallets. Knight could go in games 1 and 3, for instance, and Murphy in 2 and 4 if we win the first two.