Big time

First time he’s really looked like a freshman
Breaking balls eating him up

Yes. Maybe it was just that pitcher. HK couldn’t hit the low breaking ball to save his life.

Not just that he couldn’t hit it, he couldn’t lay off it


Well, it wasn’t just the starting pitcher. Did the same thing again—with a runner on third.

It’s not the first time you see him struggle with a breaking ball it’s about the only pitch he hasn’t been able to hit he has struck out several times on on it down and then now it’s in his head you never see him take two fastballs right down the middle of a plate like he did

The problem was he let a great fastball on a 1-0 count go unchallenged. But I wouldn’t count him out; he may wind up winning this game for the Hogs before it’s all over.

Yes he’s only one swing away from mashing one but you can tell it’s in his mind now he’s taking pitches he hadn’t taken all year

The problem none of those pitches for strike 3 swinging were strikes.

He needs to be moved from clean up, and Cole or fletcher replace him. Cost us a lot of potential runs.

wouldn’t surprise me if DVH gives him a day off

I was thinking the same thing. Sometimes a sit down clears the mind.

He needs to move down in the lineup.

HK has been off for several games now. He has the yipps. It’s in his head. Only way out is in the batting cage.

I doubt it. Even with yesterday’s game, he is the top hitter on the team. You don’t sit your most capable player in an important Game 3.

I agree, Matt. You can’t afford to sit him today. There are enough bats on this team to take up his slack. He will work his way out if it. It wasn’t so much on the offense yesterday as it was the defense. Errors that put runners on base is what cost us that game.

As a coach you better be able too keep your players heads up and pat them on the back! The young man may break out today. Let’s all hope so! I sure wouldn’t sit him and have him stick his head in a hole. He needs to see the ball. I really think he is having a tough time seeing the ball out of the pitchers hand. It happens. For the hogs to win we need him hitting and not sitting!
Last night was just a bad game. All the breaks went in favor of LSU. Today will be different I hope!

I’m amazed he didn’t have a slump earlier because all players do especially freshmen… he will round the corner, baring injury the young man is a super star.

We need to get on these guys early! It will all start with pitching today. If Campbell is on, we have a good chance to break their confidence.
They have a lot more too lose than we do, and we don’t need to give them any momentum!

I won’t be surprised if he sits is what I’m saying,I didn’t say he would,happens all the time