Kjerstad tops outfield list

Same people that had Opitz as the #5 catcher.

Kjerstad is capable of having a junior year very similar to JJ Bleday’s. 27 home runs and 72 RBIs might be asking a bit much, but Heston is more than capable of being the SEC POY and carrying the Hogs to the conference championship.

If Heston is able to cut down his K’s he should be able to hit 20 for sure. The most important thing that will him is having protection behind him! He probably will get a free pass in key situations too!
This will be a fun year watching him play!

I think with the swing changes Clay wrote about recently, he might hit 20 without cutting the Ks. He hits a lot of topspin balls that hit the fence or die in the outfielder’s glove. With backspin from the new swing they may land in Lake Norm.

If Kjerstad hits like he did in the preseason, he’s in for a monster year.

I’m hoping he has a monster year! 20 homers or more would be a monster year.

And if he can cut the Ks and utilize the new swing, he might be in Bleday territory.

Remember Benny led the country in homers in 2015 with 20.

A new swing? That could be good or bad for a player. It is a gamble to change a player’s swing, especially one who is already a really good hitter.

Clay wrote about it. Getting more backspin on balls hit to right field which should produce more homers. He was already getting backspin on balls he hit oppo.

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