Kjerstad & Martin preseason AA

Thanks for the link. Looking (and hoping) for Casey to have a great bounce-back (in batting average) year. Great honor to have 2 first team players. It’s amazing that the SEC has 8 of the 18 (including pitchers) 1st team players. Once again runs are going to be hard to come by in the SEC games, as the conference dominates in pitching with 5 first team pitchers.


I have no problem with Casey trying to pull everything from the middle in. But…Casey needs to learn how to hit the ball to center or right when the pitch is middle to outside. SEC pitchers have always carved him up on the outside part of the plate. What really got to me last year was when we needed a clutch hit from and he still tried to pull the ball and hammer it. That smacks of being a little selfish. If he improves in this area I stand on my seat and dance along with Hognoxious.

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