Kjerstad goes #2 to Orioles

The speculation was correct. Will he sign below slot?

I have always kind of liked the Orioles, but man they haven’t been very good lately. I guess that might make it easier for him to make the big leagues,

I would assume so or they wouldn’t have done that, it was surprising but nice, should help recruiting too

I’m really happy for HK. Wish he were finishing his final games here this month. I’ll miss him.

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I am a huge Orioles fan and am really stoked! Can’t wait to see Heston bounce some baseballs off that brick wall behind Camden Yards. Already talking about a spring break to Sarasota…

No chance they take him No 2 if they didn’t know he’d sign.

Slot value at number two, by the way, is 7.79 million dollars. Slot value at number seven was 5.43 million dollars. Even if he signs below slot I think he made himself a million or so extra.

The early picks are always negotiated in advance. There are incredible games being played. You can price yourself into a first round pick if you are middle second round by agreeing to below slow. Then, you can be a middle or late first rounder and stick to your guns on what you will sign for and drop into the middle of the second round. I’m tod that Isaiah Campbell did that last year. You end up with the same money that you could have had by agreeing to go below slot. Like I said, lots of money games being played.

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Didn’t Brooks Robinson play for the Orioles

Yes he did

Yes, Brooks was one of the greatest Orioles of all time.

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Congrats HK.

Baltimore has lost over 100 games 2 years in a row, so they are a bad baseball team, but that may indicate Heston could make it to the bigs quicker.

They do have those cool black and orange uniforms with the bird on the hat, so they do have that going for them.

For several years now, when people asked if I was a baseball fan, I’d say, “I don’t follow the major leagues; I’m an Orioles fan.” But the farm system is stacked now and smart rebuilding is underway! It ought to be with all the high draft picks they’ve had the last 3 years.

When I was a boy, being a Yankee fan from the cotton fields of southeast Arkansas, the Baltimore Orioles were a heckuva team. Earl Weaver was a feisty, cussing, cigarette smoking manager who had a great team year after year. They had great pitching and Brooks Robinson and Frank Robinson.

My favorite player from those days was Boog Powell, all star power hitting first baseman. MVP in 1970, i believe.

Boog was a bull, weighed about 240 with those huge guns. He reminded me of Gert Frobe who played Goldfinger in the James Bond movie.

Looked up some information on Orioles – the bird, not the team. An adult oriole weighs less than an ounce and a half. A baseball weighs 5.5 ounces, about four times heavier than the bird. Your useless fact of the day.

Kjerstad is one of my favorite Hogs of all time, not only with his tremendous baseball gifts but when he shoved the Horn’s first-baseman on his duff, his star status couldn’t be any higher. Now, go to the bigs and do the same.

Orioles were fairly common to see in the 50’s and 60’s. I have not seen an Oriole in decades. I wonder what has happened to that bird? Did their migratory patterns change? Did they die out? I am just curious.