Kjerstad at the bat

… or as close as we will get for the rest of the season.


Lol! Good one Marty…I needed that before I head off to work.

I watched him in batting practice early this season. It was pure joy. He was pounding them into the middle of the video board. I wonder how many lights he’s knocked out in his time here. I am sure there have been some.

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Isn’t there some kind of a screen in front of the video board to protect the electronics?

Not in every park

Clay, I am more of an MLB fan, but do follow Hog baseball some. Is Kjerstad going high in round 1? Do you think he will go to the American League where he can DH or do you think he is such a hitting prospect, it won’t matter?

I’ve just been told first round. I do not know where that is in the draft. I do not know what teams are really thinking. We are in a bizarre time. If we were at games now, I could walk up to several scouts and ask. Matt may have a better grasp of this than me.

Top 15-20 in 1st round. Kid checks a lot of boxes in scouting community. Power, Arm, Hit, Make-up. That’s a huge part for a guy that will likely be a first baseman. May play RF but he’s athletic enough that a team has options. Make-up is a major deal these days and teams want college players to move fast. No “projections” on college players, that’s for HS players.

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