Kjerstad again

Great effort, but very catchable (wonder if first base is in his future?)

He lost another one in the sun.

He will be just fine. He’s played about as well as any freshman I’ve ever seen.

who else could make us more dangerous at 1B? seems like the right move and he does have athleticism that could be showcased… I thought he looked tentative in LF all through the latter series in the regular season. I would have swapped Eric Cole for him on the grand slam yesterday because Kjerstad would have probably put a glove on that leaker over the fence.

The Freshman All-American brings in far more runs than he gives up.

Might be a DH next year.

Dudley, I was thinking and maybe posted the same thing a couple days ago. Does DH in college ball hurt the chances in the majors, or is it all on how he swings the bat?

I mentioned in another thread that each AB following his OF blunders has been productive including tonight. To me that shows amazing focus - especially for a frosh.