Anything on twitter? Anything at all?

WHY sir!!!

They said he got hit in the head. Wondering if he’s in protocol? or if he didn’t return simply because the gamed was over. Sam mentioned it in his presser.

Yep, wondering the same. If we don’t have him the next two weeks it’s going to be ugly. UGH!!!

After the Tua diagnosis and cleared to play issues, I think medical staff will be much more conservative before allowing a player to come back on the field after suffering a head injury.

As they should. The game is going to have to change a ton. If anyone expects the medical staff ever to hold out a player in the heat of a big time game, first it’s going to have to become commonplace for players including quarterbacks to miss a few weeks every year due to these protocols. Do I expect that to happen? Idk. It might take another incident like tua to happen, maybe with a worse outcome. Right now it is extremely unfair and arbitrary the way the policy is enforced. I hate to say it but concussions are probably about as common as holding penalties in football. But it’s certainly not called on the field that way. I do hope that something changes eventually with the clear scientific link between CTE and domestic abuse.

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