KJ surprisingly makes top 10 QB's

for the SEC by a strange makeup of media writers who voted, no AR representatives and dominated by TN types plus some recognizable usual suspects like Cecil Hurt. Matt Corral is far and away the top choice for top dog and based on last year it is undeniable…

Looks like that’s a list of media members who work for Gannett, which got out of the Arkansas newspaper market on October 18, 1991.

yes, missing a lot of expected knowledgable types. Gannett is a deserved whipping boy, dead horse or whatever chosen to reflect their loser status.

Early in the article, it said this was a USA Today project and that the voters were the SEC sports writers that covered the league for USA Today Sports Network.

I’m sure a lot of them may be media members that work for Gannett.

USA Today Sports Network = Gannett. I missed that tidbit but the papers they worked for tipped me off.

I did not argue too much with anything in their story. Pretty bland and straight forward stuff. Perhaps that is the true definition of that organization.


USA Today = Cliff Notes version of journalism.


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