KJ/Spivey on the Bounce ch if you have it

they are in the Ms/AL allstar game Spivey is starting for AL and you can tell he’s good very quick and runs hard 6’ 210 KJ didn’t start but Ms has a Ga commit playing and he started

Won’t be a Georgia commit for long. Word is they want him to blueshirt because they are in a numbers bind.

Will see…Fields is transferring so time will tell I’ve seen the kid play he’s very good

KJ 2/4 at the half both tunnel screens for about 30 yds has overthrown a deep sideline and quick slant… one run for about 4-5 yds…Spivey looks good,very quick feet and 6’ 210 runs hard.

KJ is 3/5 for about 60 yds underthrew an easy TD but did complete it but did have a man in his face when he threw…They cost him about 2 series b/c MS went to the wildcat and let the QB just run up the middle totally disagree with that this is a allstar game and the QB’s need to playing QB not a RB. Spivey has around 30-35 yds on about 6 carries but I like him,he’s a tough kid and runs hard and is quick.

KJ looked ok considering they only practiced 5 days and hard to get timing down with WR’s.Throws the ball pretty good and will get better as he gets a little better mechanics(off his back foot a little tonight).

My 9 year old daughter had basketball practice. I missed it. My priories were with my baby girl.
Does anyone have a link to watch a replay?