KJ on Finebaum

Says reading defenses is like a video game.


I am liking this young man more and more and more.

Proud to see him representing UofA and himself so well. I get so tired of seeing athletes speak and their answers are filled with “and ums” and “ya knows”. He did very well.

Absolutely awesome, way to go KJ.

Yep and as long as our video game OL will give him time he’ll be fine and have a great year


And um, ya know that the defense has to ya know like stop the other team’s offense, and um like get some turnovers ya know and um give the offense like a chance to ya know like win the game.

Well spoken young young man. Didn’t hesitate at all when answering questions. Not that I hold that against anybody who needs to think a minute before answering a question. (That’s usually where ya hear the “ and um ya know, well uh replies ) But KJ snapped right back with his answers. Didn’t sound rehearsed either.

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KJ has matured and our Hogs are well represented by him. If he can stay healthy, he will probably have an All-SEC year. He is a monsterous QB. He has to give opposing defensive coaches nightmares. Huge man, powerful, strong arm and likes to punish opponents when they stand between him and the goal line.

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