KJ not playing because

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and obviously meetings.

They can have football-related activities for 20 hours per week and the NCAA mandates at least one day off, which is usually Monday during the season.

Lot of players have labs on that day.

I’m sure he’s not polished and I’m sure he’ll make mistakes, but I would still like to see him get some reps to get a feel for the college game so he can compete, if not outright win, the starting job next season.

If he was they would have already be playing him because they have to be aware of their situation.

I think it is time to play him as well, but there should just be some realistic expectations for him.

I understand. I’m not saying he’s a world beater yet for the team and from my understanding Jefferson seems to know his limitations as well, but I’m looking more towards the future and with continued improvement, I think Jefferson is our guy.

I think it is time to look to the future as well.

I don’t think one can tell his limitations until he is on the field in a real game.

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The exact words from someone in the building is he looks like an All American one play and then he looks like he’s still in high school on the next.

You give him plays he has the highest % of success and go from there. I’ll be surprised if he’s not playing in the last four games. Just much depends how much he can execute.

Well…the rule says he can play in 4 games…didn’t have to be the last 4 games…I just cannot understand why you don’t give him a try in some of those 1 possession games we’ve already lost. Develop packages and schemes just for him. It’s all water under the bridge now but something just doesn’t seem right with this whole QB situation.


Interesting comment - “ they have to be aware of their situation.” I think you are referring to the coach’s job security.

Last Sunday or so you said all options are on the table and more and more people close to the program are talking about a change in the HC position.

Can you comment any further on that? Does last night change anything? What do you think this staff has to do to be on the sidelines in 2020?

With all that being said we are horrible and this kid needs to play and given a chance…

Opinion and opinion only:

  1. Jefferson was greatly hyped by this staff as they made it clear he was their #1 choice and Craddock said he reminded him of D Watson in HS

  2. As such, any hope for a better future under this staff is predicated largely on this guy being a top flight SEC talent that will be ready to start in 2020.

  3. if this kid had D Bryant’s ability he would have already played.

  4. KJ is not the second coming of D Bryant and, in fact, is very raw, and is a bit of a project with really good upside.

  5. Given he’s a project the staff doesn’t feel as though he can help them win now and they view any possessions he has as “wasted possessions” for the here and now.

  6. The here and now is more critical than they ever imagined it would be. They never in a million years thought it possible to lose to SJSU and expected to beat a depleted Ole Miss early in the season. If you injected them with truth serum they would tell you they expected to be at worse 4-4. Instead, 2-6 and fighting for their jobs.

Because of this KJ will play very little if any against WKU and MSU because they are 1) must wins and 2) this staff thinks KJ is a hindrance to that given where he’s currently st from a preparation standpoint.

I’m pretty sure Deshaun Watson thrown in before he was ready as well. I don’t think anyone thinks he’s the second coming of Watson as Watson was one of those once in a lifetime players. BUT, speaking for myself only, I agree with your premise in #6 but feel that’s exactly why you might see quite a bit of Jefferson. Morris and company have to show where this program can go, especially in the light of loses that either should have or could have been victories. I still believe going forward 3 of next 4 are winnable. I fully believe Hicks or Jones will get the start Saturday, BUT expect to see Jefferson come in and play within his abilities to show the fans and Yurachek the direction Morris wants to go because I agree with you at this point, he’s coaching for his job.

Jones earned the start. I can see that he is small for a SEC quarterback, but smaller quarterbacks are playing successfully in the NFL. His best qualities are his leadership and grit. He didn’t look like a deer in the headlights, Instead, he was poised and seemed to run the offense better than anyone else in Morris’ tenure at Arkansas.

Under the new redshirt rules, Jefferson needs to play and take some meaningful snaps. . He needs SEC experience , because he should challenge for the starting quarterback job next year. We need to dramatically improve our QB play or next year will be a replay of the last 2.

Of many concerns I have with Coach Morris as a Head Coach, one of my biggest is around Quarterback performance. I know we missed on the transfer he wanted and I can see the interest in his former QB as an insurance plan/emergency backup, but a SEC caliber coach should have been able to recognize who can play in this conference. I think by putting the ball in the wrong hands early wasted opportunities for wins and having somebody better prepared for the stretch run. It is disappointing to be this far into a season and still have little confidence in any our Quarterbacks. While it is interesting in the dimension that Jones adds, it is extremely unlikely he is much more than a limited package type option

It’s amazing that eight games in to year two they have never been settled at QB - the most important position on the field. The way the game is played today if you don’t have good QB play your dead in the water.

It boggles the mind for a guy that’s supposed to be a great offensive mind and QB developer.

Jackson he realized last year’s QB’s would not work. He didn’t run Ty off per Dudley, but did tell Ty there would be competition. Ty left. Now losing Kelly Bryant hurt no doubt, but you take the best 2 QB transfers he could find. In hindsight I wonder if they wished they would’ve pursued a couple of OL transfers. I don’t think any QB can really do anything with our OL until next year.

This is a rut that is very deep and difficult to get out of and won’t be fixed overnight or anytime soon by ANY coach.

The OL and QB play has undoubtedly been the most scrutinized and discussed topic for the last couple of years at least. Why full well knowing that the OL is going to cause a problem would you at the very least not recruit or develop a QB that can run away from the mayhem?

Not trying to add to the conspiracy theory, but someone told Jerry Jones his grandson was going to play (unless he has come to all the games and I missed it). I was impressed with Jones running Chad’s RPO options far better than any QB play we have seen this year. That did open up running lanes for himself and the running back in the hardest place to play in CF. Jones should start this week and Jefferson should also get some experience. If they stick with Hicks and Justin tee-shirt man and continue to lose then Chad should not get to Thanksgiving.

Jerry Jones has been going to most of the games. he did last year as well.

In the post game interview JSJ said his family has attended all of the games.

I’m pretty sure he has been at every game the last two seasons.