KJ not playing because

Do you think it has anything to do with Chandler? If KJ doesn’t see the field then he can’t get very far ahead of Chandler in the QB race next year. I hate to even think something like this but KJ would have to be pretty bad to not even see the field right now. Hard to explain.

Boy, losing is really affecting the mind. Talk about a far fetched conspiracy theory haha he gets to play in 4 games, lets see how these last 4 play out. Not sure how U’d come up with this considering he may not even make it to the MO game (CCM) and I’d think if KJ was ready then he’d be playing.

He has not seen the field because we still have 4 games left. He will play out the rest of the season IMO

I certainly don’t think so. I think this staff knows they need to win sooner than later.

I doubt such a diabolical plan is in place to stunt KJ’s growth as a QB.
I fully expect that we will see him get on the field during the final 4 games.
IMO, with the amount of heat being directed at CCM and the uncertainty surrounding his future HC status it wouldn’t surprise me if Chandler actually ends up signing elsewhere.

Go Hogs!

Yeah, this is a pretty silly scenario. I think the losing has affected our collective brain. My worry is that none of these guys for next year, KJ, JSJ, Chandler or Starkel are SEC level talents. Lack of good QB play will be the death knell of the Chad Morris era. That and failing to improve and get depth on both lines.

The posts will get weirder. :crazy_face:

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If we don’t win a couple of games to finish the season, then we won’t have to worry about seeing Chandler here at all.


Agree. And, because of that, I believe CCM will start Hicks until he wins 2 games or until there aren’t 2 games left to win. Right or wrong, I think Morris and Craddock believe Hicks is the only QB that gives them a chance to win 2 games.

Depending on if they believe Jones and Jefferson can pass effectively, that might be accurate for MSU. MSU’s secondary is beat to a pulp and I believe they lost their best DLineman in their last game. If we can get ANYONE who can pass accurately, then our WR’s could have a field day next week.

What about his Dad? WPS

“There are things in his motion that need to be cleaned up — not really fixed, but cleaned up that will make him more accurate,” Craddock said. “A lot of playing quarterback is with your feet. With a lot of people that’s a big misunderstanding, that it’s about your upper body, but it’s really about getting your feet in the position that if your feet are in the right place, your hips are open and you’re able to throw the ball in the right place — especially in the right place when you’re throwing the ball to your left. That’s something we’ve really worked on with him.”

He cannot be any worse than Starkel.

If we just play a clean game we have a opportunity to win three, but it doesn’t seem like we can get out of our own way. I cannot even begin to know the frustration of our coaches and players at this time,we absolutely cannot catch a break in area of a game. Mizzou is on my list now for a potential win after the way they have played of late. We can’t make the mistakes we made yesterday and win any of our games, we looked terrible and I know the Tide makes many teams look bad. This will probably sound far fetched but we may be trying to hard to make plays, there’s just no way we can be this bad every game is there? WPS

I read a lot of the same sentiment early in the season about Starkel and Hicks. You could argue that one hasn’t been better than the other.

If a QB isn’t playing when the offense is performing so poorly, I assume there is something coaches see in practice that makes it that way. Their jobs ride on their decision making, after all. We don’t see practice, but everything we have been told is that Jefferson has a ways to go to be SEC ready.

Maybe his potential addition to the run game would out weight the negatives in the passing game. Just speculating

He’s been running the scout team. Not as familier with our offense as you would like. If Starkel never sees the field again I understand. Bring on the subs. Jones played well last nite.

I wanted to jump in and say absolute not.

They are not winning games, but they want to do so.

I suspect we will now see KJ, but y’all can’t rev yourself into thinking he is anywhere near a polished guy.

If - or I should say when - just don’t expect it to be magical.

But it is now time to at least get him in.

Dudley, refresh my memory about actual practice time at this stage of the season.

Seems to me that it is pretty much 6 hours per week, two on Monday, two on Tuesday and two Wednesday. This includes getting a game plan.
Several QB’s just can’t get all the attention that is desired.