KJ looks like he has lost weight

yes he does,I know he said at the end of the yr he planned on losing some weight and play about 235.He looks great!!

Having seen him up close today, I would agree,

The young man beside him is Greenwood 8th grade QB Kane Archer, who has offers from Arkansas, Michigan and Missouri.


I saw him at a baseball game a couple weeks ago and the weight loss was noticeable.

KJ looking trim.

That kid does not look like an 8th grader.


Wow Archer kid must be some kind of player to have offers from those schools as an eighth grader!!

Man, KJ really does look like a Mr. Dude now! CBs will want no part of that coming at them

Good on KJ!

And look at that 8th grader. Passed his age in stature…

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Someone check his birth certificate. :scream::joy::joy:

KJ looks the stud he is. Completely bought in.
As for Mr Archer, been discussed on here before. I mentioned then he is didn’t resemble a Jr High kid.

Kane looks older than my brother in law!

My 8th grade grandson is 6’3”. With his wild hair about 6’6”. He’s playing in a AAU basketball tournament near Durham NC today. Weird to look up to your grandson.

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My grandson is almost 6’1” and is 12 yrs old in the sixth grade and doesn’t have any athletic ability within a half mile. Still scratching my head about how that come to be. WPS

My grandson had zero interest in sports until he was 12. He works really hard at basketball. Really hard. He’s learned to play physical which is not his nature. Proud of him. Gentle giant.

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That’s great and hope he does well, my grandson loves to hunt and fish but hasn’t showed any interest in sports and that’s okay. WPS

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We had some guys when I was in the eight grade that looked like that…Was their 3rd year in the 8th grade. :rofl:


Many, many years ago when I was playing junior high basketball we went down to Junction City to play them. It was election night and I think two or three of their guys had to take time off from school to go vote. Grown man muscles, beards and full mustaches on 9th graders.

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