KJ just needs to take care of the ball,punting not a bad thing

I really believe the QB that can protect the ball the best and let their defense win the game will win…
I just hope KJ doesn’t try to do too much and try to force the big play,just move the chains and make the big play if it presents itself…He just has to realize that punting is not a bad thing when the other team has a QB that is not that mobile and has accuracy problems. I think we can get an INT or 2 but just hope we don’t give the game to them with risky decisions which can happen when you are Hyped up.

I think our best chance on the deep ball is 1st down when they are going to be expecting run,3rd and 7-8 deep ball will be much tougher bc they will be really coming after KJ then.

I agree. Thankfully, KJ has really only thrown a couple of poor decision passes so far this year, so I feel pretty good that he can stay within the game plan. I hope after that long strike to 84 last week that his confidence is up in those long throws. I know he looks very confident running the ball. I also hope the Burks is closer to 100% than he has been all year. It’s amazing he is as fast as he is and still not be full speed again.

Another element of this game that will be very interesting and could be the difference is how well can our backs pick up the blitz from TAMU? Can they hold their own? If yes, KJ could have a big day scrambling if they come after him. Personally, I don’t expect a lot of blitzes against KJ. I think they stay back in run protect and let the front four get the pressure- at least to start the game.

KJ will have to make some plays and likely with his feet. TAM will sell out to stop the run. He will have to make some throws.

Hopefully briles will find some good mismatches with innovation and tempo and make KJs life easier.

Well that’s very true but that’s because we’ve always been able to run the ball he hasn’t had to make throws… I will be incredibly shocked if we’re able to run the ball anywhere near like we have despite their poor numbers they have not been motivated anywhere near like they’re going to be motivated to stop our run…

We are going to have to throw the ball to win this game. I really believe you have to throw the ball on first and second down a lot because they’re going to expect you to run that’s when you can make the big plays.if we throw the ball on third and seven or eight we’re not going to beeffective at all,they will tee off and try to put a lot of pressure on KJ if that happens

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image I call BS on this.

Why would you call BS on that would you rather him try to force it into double coverage trying to make a big play that’s not there and throw an interception or throw it away and let them try to score on our defense… That’s definitely not even close to being BS, just being smart.

Youda, Pavlog didn’t. It was a joke. That’s a picture of the Arkansas high school coach, who never punted.

Oh okay well I had no clue how to determine that was a joke. I didn’t know who the guy was but I know who you’re talking about now.

youda - almost everything I post is a joke, play on words or double entendre’. I am rarely serious.

well I had noticed that but when I read that I had no clue who the pic was of so I had to assume you were serious for once…no problem…

I forget that some folks are not from Central Arkansas. Kevin Kelley’s mug has been in every newspaper or on tv sports show for eons.

He didn’t have to worry about punting last week since his QB threw a gazillion interceptions. LOL

Yeah I’m very aware of the name and his no punting philosophy but living here in Ms.I had no clue who that was LOL

It would be nice if we could get the TE involved more in this offense. Looks like that help may have to wait till next year.

Yeah I would love for us to as well but with Henry always hurt and Knox probably not ready,we don’t have real mismatch to hurt them with.

Missing high on short crossing patterns will hurt us against A&M.

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I can vouch for that

Seriously? :thinking::laughing:

Wasting your time; picking up on these nuances is not Rainman’s forte.

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LOL Rainman.