KJ Jefferson's HS coach knew his star turn was coming (story)

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Good article Dudley, KJ had a good game but can he do consistently, Bama will be much tougher game if he gets the start… looking forward to see if he can look sharp this week.

Alabama has been and will be tough for any opposing QB although Ole Miss’ Matt Corral had plenty of success in his team’s 63-48 loss to the Crimson Tide

He completed 21 of 28 passing for 365 yards and 2 touchdowns and Ole Miss put up 647 yards, 268 rushing.

Alabama had 723 yards, 417 passing and 306 rushing

Ole Miss QB was Matt Corral and he is the passer who had the success that was near unstoppable vs Bama, Cassel is a runner from last year unless that is what you are referencing

Plumlee is the runner, who is also a stud baseball player.

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