KJ Jefferson

With our QB play, how solid is our commitment from KJ Jefferson? He lives in the shadows of Ole Miss and I don’t think those bastards have given up on recruiting him. He may see our situation as an immediate opportunity to play OR may say, “Hell no, they ain’t developing QB’s at Arkansas”. What do you think?

I would say he is pretty solid. Other teams have already got their guy at quarterback. Not saying it couldn’t happen but, quarterbacks are usually done with recruiting fairly early. He knew what to expect from our quarterbacks this season anyways. The only thing would be is if another team comes in to try to recruit him.

I would think if any thing it solidifies his commitment as it shows he will get a shot because we need someone that can run the offense.

Dogs have 2 QB commits and Rebs have 1.

KJ is the guy they wanted and he knows that. Would be surprised if he didn’t sign with the Hogs.

In talking with him lately, he is very solid.

He talks about the class transforming Arkansas and he wants to be the leader of this.

I have plans to see him play live next weekend in Sardis in a game that was orginially scheduled for Memphis