KJ Jefferson

KJ received his undergraduate degree today in Sports Management. Congratulations!
UA…Campus of Champions


That is so great! That young man is now has a degree from the University of Arkansas. That can never be taken away no matter what happens. As the years go by, it will mean more and more to him. This next season, he will proudly wear that on his jersey - SEC Graduate! Way to go KJ. That is bigger than any TD pass for certain.


Congratulations KJ!

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KJ easily received the loudest applause during the graduation ceremony held at BWA. I think everyone was shocked he was able to receive his degree within four years or so considering the extreme amount of time football requires, especially as a QB. He’s a big man and gave his mother the best possible Mothers Day gift! An undergraduate degree from the UA!!
He’s a leader in more ways than one.
UA…Campus of Champions


Fantastic news and congrats KJ!!!

Graduation rates for athletes have gone up tremendously over the last several years. Very glad of it

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Very happy for KJ!

Despite my degree displayed in my office, I continually have the dream/nightmare of being called into the dean’s office and being told I was a few hours short of graduating and need to come back for another class. I usually wake up and kind of chuckle but then think “whew, I sure am glad I have that degree on paper.”

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I had two classmates pulled from practice prior to graduation the evening before but it was late "C"s coming for applied practice. Not unusual at the time. Of course that was before the 50 K per year of today. I attempted to stir up a little anxiety yesterday before my grandson’s walk at BWA but all I got was unappreciative glances from his sister and his parents.

My son walked in the 2014 UA graduation. They gave him the empty red folder, as always. About three years later we’re on campus for a football game and decide to go look for his name on Senior Walk. Not there. Checked 2013 (he finished in December). Not there either. Monday morning he calls the registrar, “uh, it looks like you’re three hours short.” So why did they let him walk? It took him another 2-3 years to take those three hours online and actually get the degree. No, they never sent him the diploma after 2014 but he never put two and two together until he called the registrar.

I’m glad he got the degree! But they still haven’t sent the diploma?

I think there is an actual name for that condition. I had a similar situation: a recurring nightmare that I had enrolled in a class and forgotten to attend, and was scrambling to find the lecture hall to take the final. I think those of us who attend a long time have something like that seared into their soul.

I have had that dream as well.

Once he took the last class, they did send the diploma. But now he’s class of 2020. They finally got him on Senior Walk in front of the dorms on Cleveland Street but we haven’t seen it yet.

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i once missed a final exam at Semester Test time. The professor, Dr. Banks in the Finance Department of the Business School, let me make it up. I was always grateful to him. i never cut his class, so maybe he took that into consideration.

I got my MBA at the U of A, but I still have this dream I go back a 2nd time to get my Masters, but I can never finish it the 2nd time. Weird.

Football players should graduate in four years. They get scholarships for summer school. That ought to make it much easier than old days.

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This just warms my heart. And like Kamani Johnson’s story, it makes me want to dispute those who claim there are no more student-athletes, just semi-pro mercenaries, We may be drawing closer to the pro Club model, but we are not there yet, IMHO.

Yes, seeing some of these young men taking advantage of their opportunity to obtain a degree is a wonderful break from the changed emphasis and distractions of collegiate athletics today.