KJ Jefferson

Was phenomenal today. Not explosive but very efficient and played winning football all day long. IMHO were watching a young man growng into legit star before our eyes. Excited to see his continued growth.


Was not exceptional in plays made, but more importantly he was in control of the offense and was seemingly unflappable. Very impressed with his ability as a leader and field general.


I think the play of the game was his scramble towards the end to navigate away from a sack, squirm through the defense and get a 1st down. I thought for sure it was gonna be a sack.


Yes he was and in doing so I hope Briles realizes he can trust him to throw when we absolutely have to,that last drive was undefenseable bc all those throws were high % and opened up the run even more


Agree completely. That’s the kind of play that wins football games.

I was afraid he might fumble when finally got tackled, as much darting around as he did.

Here is the play:


That was a huge play. I thought he was gonna be sacked, too


They don’t get much better than that. He kept his composure under heavy pressure and moved the chains. Leadership and guts.


He’s a really good QB. I am very glad he is our guy.


He’s a winner. I’m proud to have him as our QB.


I don’t like his footwork but I’ll take his heart over that all day long. Dude is a baller.

Note the block Dominique made.


I wish we had a knowledgeable QB person here that would make me feel better about KJs lead feet. He hardly moves them when he’s searching for a receiver.

I remember my heros used to work hard at keeping their feet moving while looking over the field. They talked about the coach desired continuous foot movement so they could align better towards their target when they threw. KJ does pretty well with his feet strapped down.

I’ve wondered about this several times as well, but trust Briles knows far more than I. It was working today!

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Ole KJ hit 19 of 24 today. And we worry about his feet?


Agree with this just been afraid to bring the subject up. Maybe that’s silly but how in the Sam hill do you question a QB or OL??

Not what I said. I asked why foot movement is apparently not something KJ receives coaching on.

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Fred…I was not referring to your post. It was one above…