KJ Jefferson / Lamar Jackson

I was checking KJ’s recruiting profile and it hit me that it had to be similar to Lamar’s. The 2 profiles are eerily, almost identical:

Lamar - 6’3", 200 / 247C #12 dual QB / 247C #409
247C, high 3* 88 / 247 - 4-star 92 / 4.79 forty

KJ - 6’3", 211 / 247C #14 dual QB / 247C #413
247C, high 3* 886 / 247 - 4* 90 / 4.69 forty

Now, if their careers become similar, we will be off and running next year. Hopefully though, we get KB for a year, and KJ’s career begins as a red-shirt freshman or true sophomore instead of a true frosh. Lamar, by the way didn’t get the starting nod until the 5th game as a true freshman.

He’s faster than 4.69 and I think is farther along as a passer than LJ was out of high school.

Obviously LJ was a dynamite playmaker.

That’s what I was thinkin’…faster than 4.69. But I always thought LJ was considered a project to develop as a passer.
And that is why he flew in under the radar and BP was able to grab him.

Pretty sure LJ is faster than 4.79 also.

Kj is a much better passer than Jackson.

Lamar struggles big time throwing outside of the hashes.

I think KJ has a chance to be a better all around qb than Lamar. He may not have the electric big play factor that won Lamar the helmsman, put from a qb standpoint I think he will be a much better passer.

I’m not a big one on watching video of HS kids, because the ALL look like superstars in the edited versions, especially against the competition may of them play against. But I did look recently at KJ’s video - first time I had seen it. And the comparison that immediately jumped off the video, to me, was Cam Newton (and, no - he didn’t have his hand out for $$$ - lol). Just a bigger guy than I realized, who was a very effective runner; not lightning fast, or a jitterbug, but - like Cam - took off at full throttle and was more of a north-south guy who was also hard to bring down.

His passing motion also reminded me of Cam. Don’t know if it was just the selected highlights I was viewing, but that’s who I thought his play looked like.

That’s another one - along with LJ - it wouldn’t be a bad idea to emulate ON the field.

The kid himself wants to emulate DeShaun Watson.

KJ not as fast/quick as Jackson but is a better passer IMO