KJ is coming back

KJ Jefferson announced on Instagram that he is returning to Arkansas for the 2023 season.


Great news!!!

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Excellent news!!!

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Indeed, most important position on field. Good news for recruiting including portal prospects too. Need him to get healthy and have good spring.


Excellent point.

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Heard of this guy. Good?


Absolutely great news. I hope the young man is really blessed in this next year. Good luck.

As many NIL deals as he’s got, he might take a pay cut when he leaves.

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That’s fantastic news! I think he can only improve. Really needs to continue working on footwork and delivering a catchable ball on the intermediate passes.

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Richard does this have any effect on Singleton??

Needed this!! Sweet!

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Obviously I don’t have any inside info, but it seems to me he would be happy with that announcement. He should know that he probably has a great shot at KJ’s back-up as a true freshman. He probably won’t have to worry about an experienced, but young QB transfer with 2 or 3 years of eligibility left coming in to start, if KJ had announced he was leaving.

That is the way I would look at it as well,will give him a chance to be mentored by someone who knows the league very well and can teach him quite a bit. But you never know about these kids nowadays who think they can play right now.

Great. Just hope they will block just a little for him.

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This is big time… should help with all recruits and transfers!

We need Rocket and the RBs back!

Ketron and the WRs back!

Very expensive to get him back. Hope we have enough money left to surround him with good players.

He had to know there was a chance KJ would come back.

yeah I believe so too.

Great News! There is much in KJ’s game that he can improve on, but I always feel like we’ve got a fighting chance when he’s on the field.