KJ is 66-1 to win the Heisman in Vegas

Or +6600, whichever you prefer. Sixteen players have better odds than that, including the quarterback of the Fightin’ Fallopians who has yet to take a college snap, and his running back last seen being squashed into the RRS turf.

Current betting favorite is C.J. Stroud of the Suckeyes at 2-1, although LB Will Anderson of Bama is getting a lot of action at 20-1.

He took two snaps with Ohio State

Only way KJ wins is if he puts on a show in the big games and Arkansas wins them and goes 11-1 minimum.

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90 to 1 on Sportsbook.ag. I bet $10 to win $900, along with a $10 bet to win the NC at 200 to 1. Also bet a little on topping the yearly total at 7.5.

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