KJ has the heart of a Hog!

Other than the guts the Hogs showed in coming out and playing hard enough to win despite the portal and in game adversity. I like that we threw to the middle of the field, I liked KJ’s decision making, and he had a nice touch on his passes tonight. He is gutsy and Im glad he’s our quarterback. One thing is for sure, without him there was no bowl bowl victory, or bowl invitation. He is tough, and he exemplifies what it means to be a Hog.


My sidebar from the game was focused on him and his MVP performance:


KJ was magnificent in that game. He had a great QBR rating of 96.7. His PAA (16.8) under the QBR was the highest in the SEC this season and #5 in the country. That performance should have him at least in the pre-season Heisman conversations. The Hogs, of course, need to have a great season to keep him in the conversations.

He has to stay healthy next season and we will be in the hunt for a great season.

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