KJ has far exceeded my expectations

I have to admit I was not very high on KJ bc I wasn’t sure he would be capable of being an accurate enough passer to keep the chains moving and I didn’t think he was fast twitch enough to evade SEC pass rushes…

He has been a phenominal leader,very poised and self driven.He still has things to work on,throwing catchable slants(very good last week) ball security etc but to say I am very impressed with him would be a huge understatement…He is playing like a BOSS!!! we got ourself a stud at QB…proud of you KJ!!


I agree. He has progressed greatly this year. His poise and determination are impressive.


I too had reservations, but he convinced me. I still think he need to work on his footwork and that will help him tremendously on his slants. He seems to be getting better with his touch passes so I hope slants will come along as well. Quick slants and WR screens is how you offset though nasty blitzes. We need that.


Agree. I was (thankfully) very wrong about KJ too. Accuracy was my biggest concern. His development has been great to see.

Briles gets credit here too.


He was much better last week but we don’t throw enough of them to get as good as he needs to be but he hasn’t thrown them well and that is probably why we haven’t thrown as many.

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Same here. Both paragraphs fit me to a T. I’m so happy now to have KJ as our QB. Three things that I believe really brought out the best in KJ:

Hard work and God-given talent by KJ;
Great development by Kendall; &
Outstanding tutorship from Feleipe for a year.


Several years back I watched a great documentary about Bill Walsh and Joe Montana. Joe confessed to how much Bill harped on his footwork as it was the essential key to his west coast offense. They described it like learning dance steps. [1…2…3…step into it…throw] for the 3 step drops and very similar for the 5 step drops. Also the importance of toe pointing. He had him work almost daily on that until the rhythm became almost second nature. There was much more but it was one of the best positional pieces I’ve ever seen… then again is was by 2 grandmasters.

Maybe thats why I watch footwork so much and have harped about KJs footwork… but I can’t harp about his results so far… he is progressing much better than I ever expected. I am solidly on the KJ train now.

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Hard to argue against a winner. Scott Bull determination.


Same here. KJ is a beast! He is a real leader out there. There are so many players to love on this team. We will sorely miss Burks, but continued improvement by KJ and a developing line and playmakers at RB should help. KJ as a first year starter is showing some elite poise. Love his confidence right now, too.


Both Briles and Feliepe Franks had a hand in KJ’s development to this point. Of course he had to listen and learn.


Great point about Franks.

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Yes KJ has said he learned quite a bit from Frank’s who was the perfect guy for him to learn from with all his SEC experience.

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Agree with all of this. I really liked how he played vs Mizzou, but I also assumed he’d have his share of INT’s as he learned to be our leader, while playing in a brutal conference. One of the best parts of this season has been watching him grow up right in front of our eyes, game by game. It’s really impressive how he’s avoided INT’s. really, really impressive for a young qb.

that leaping TD vs Ole Mrs, and the emotional minute he had with his family after that game…man that’s good stuff. that’s why we love college sports, and why we love our razorbacks.

Keep it up, KJ!



Agree 110% Youdaman!! I still get a little frustrated with certain throws but I know those will come with improved footwork and more playing time and comfort level in his own wonderful God given abilities. Perfect example was the no-look throw he made to Thompson, even he wasn’t expecting it. It’s only up from here with him and he can be a stud for us for another 2 years for sure! Thankful to have him!

Very much so. We can give Mr. Franks a good deal of the credit here.


I’m in the same boat as you on this but have taken plenty of heat about it around here. I love KJs heart, toughness and leadership! He’s having a better year than I thought he would and I’m happy for him!

He has played better than most of us anticipated. Without him, where would we be? I don’t want to even guess. He has been the best quarterback in the SEC, after Matt Corral.

I expected him to be good, and he has been. He went toe to toe with the Golden Boy of Oxford, and has given us a chance against everyone but Georgia. He is a stud and a very tough dude. I think he has been playing while a little bit hurt. He will be the best QB in the game Saturday, unless ole #7 shows up again in the body of an LSU quarterback.

Scott Bull??? That reference ages you a little…

Yep. On campus during the Domino War in Vietnam.