KJ Conditioning

I noticed KJ had a belly during spring game.
Should we be worried that he reported to practice 12 lbs overweight?

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He looks good to me!

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As long as he loses that 12-15 pounds a week or so before Sept 4th, it’s probably not a big deal. To me it’s certainly not a positive that an expected team leader and starting QB came in overweight. He was given this time to shine and I expected him to come in the first day of camp and be in great shape.

I guess it bothers me more from a leadership role than from being worried it will affect his QB performance this fall camp.


He didn’t run out the tunnel like in 2000 as Clay pointed out so we’ve got that going for us.

I admit I was disappointed to hear KJ coming into camp anything but in his prime.


Saw him several times during camps in June and he looked good. Didn’t see a belly on him. I mentioned he looked like a TE-DE because of his body type and the muscle mass he’s added since arriving on campus.

I can’t speak how he looked yesterday.

It is not ideal for your team leader to report out of shape. It does set a poor example, but the proof is how does he perform.

It does probably mean we are not going to have him as a dual threat quarterback trying to run around at 250 pounds or so. That is disappointing because I thought we were trying to establish an offense with a quarterback who could run and throw.

He’s big and can take a beating, but I never really thought he was fast. If he is out of shape then that’s an issue. Someone should’ve been monitoring it. None of us really know. Losing 12 lbs is doable.

He kind of has that Byron Leftwich body type. He also has a roundish face that can fool folks into thinking he’s a little doughy. By his own admission he needs to lose weight, but I don’ t think there’s any reason to be alarmed at this point.

I don’t think Briles and SP are going to put up with another year of leaving a lot of QB run yards on the table because the QB is not physically able to take advantage of opportunities. Being a willing runner is not going to be good enough this year. KJ is certainly big/strong enough to run through tackles, and I think he’s plenty tough enough to do it for a whole season. The question becomes whether he has enough speed/quickness to make his plus factors in the run game work well enough to win SEC games.

I don’t think Briles and SP like playing two QBs, but I also think that they also understand that they have a couple of young backup QBs who can run if they need to shake things up.

Good post, Buzzard. I keep hoping for a guy similar to Matt Corral of Ole Miss who can do both well. Those guys are not easy to get, but that is what we want and should have to lead this offense.

This should be interesting to see how the Razorback quarterback situation plays out this season. I hope these quarterbacks playing behind Jefferson are good enough to play well if Jefferson does not or if he gets injured. I have not seen any of them play.

The way I look at is if wanted to play at 230-235 I would have come in at around 240 bc you SHOULD lose 5-10 lbs in fall camp.so I think if he’s 247 like he said he will around 240 for 1st game and then lose gradually down to 230 or so by the 2-3 game.

I agree and think this says it all. If KJ is lackluster against Rice–because he displays a certain lackadaisical spirit–then we will be clobbered against Texas (and the SEC). We need a QB with killer instincts (like my former QB heros) who just can’t wait to strut his stuff. Twelve pounds overweight seems excessive.

I hope Insiders follow up on this issue, and I hope it’s a minor issue.

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I saw his presser and he didn’t look out of shape. Where are we getting that he was 12 overweight when he got back?

Has anyone other than the original poster said KJ has a gut?

KJ said during his media availability that he weighs 247 pounds now and his goal weight is 230-235.

Ah, well then.

Looking at it again, that still picture of KJ at his presser in the white tank top is awesome. I would not want to tackle KJ. He’s huge. He’s like Cam Newton in terms of size, at least.

He was definitely not 247 during mid-June when Richard and I were over there for camps and saw him and the other working out.

It was the muscle mass he talked about at he PC.

So he’s put some on since then.

He was listed at 240 last season.

As for following up, one or two of us will be at practice every time we are allowed to be so will see it he is looking fitter or not.

To me weight is just a number. It may tell part of the story but not the whole story. I know that most men my age could not do my fitness routine, yet my height/weight listing would cause an actuary to scream OBESE. What I want to know is, has KJ been doing the running, lifting and throwing that he is supposed to be doing? Has he been a leader in getting the skill position players together for throwing sessions? As Youda mentioned, the grind of pre-season is going to take some of that weight off of him. I would be very surprised if we learned of KJ having a Gary Brashears Summer.

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He was within range that coaches and strength staff had set for him—-for what that is worth.