KJ and the record books

He already has the best passing efficiency in UA history, surpassing Brandon Allen, at 168.7. Just has to avoid falling below BA in the bowl game.

Also, he’s very close to the season completion percentage record set by Franks last year of .685. I figured out that if he goes 22 for 30 in the bowl game he’ll break it.

He’s top 10 in school history in several other passing categories (season yardage, TDs, season completions). May be getting close to the record for consecutive passes without an interception; he hasn’t thrown one since the OM game. The record is 184 by Tyler Wilson.

He surpassed anything I expected for this season. A credit to him and Briles.

His decision making process has been excellent. His deep ball is as good as I’ve seen at Arkansas.


Remember the posts on here during the 2019 and 2020 seasons that proclaimed that he was going to be a bust because he not proven anything to that point?


I went back and figured up the consecutive passes without a pick. He threw one on a Hail Mary on the last play of the first half at OM. Since then, 21 passes in the OM second half, 35 against Auburn, 17 against UAPB, 23 against Moo U, 25 at LSU, 30 at Bama, 19 against Misery. If my math is correct, that’s 170 straight.

What I would like to see from KJ next year is improved pocket presence and improved ability to throw receivers open. Not weaknesses at all, just areas I think he could improve on.

I would like to see improvement on “quick twitch” beat the blitz passing and knowing when to run for positive yardage versus taking a sack or low percentage pass. I am a big KJ fan and these are not knocks on him. It’s knowing these are the things experienced QBs can do. He has been a BEAST for a 1st year starter!


If he remains healthy, his best is in front of him and he will be the focal point of our offense. He has a steadying influence on this team. Guts and grit are his trademark.

I would like to see continued improvement in the offensive line. Then KJ will have some real fun. He won’t have to scramble so much.


Has the opportunity to be one of the best in Hog history, I never saw it coming honestly. I’m so proud of the way he handles himself in front of the media which is a reflection of CSP I believe. WPS

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I recall CSP stating he felt KJ was more accurate when he scrambled and it it seemed to get him going more. I think KJ needs that action to be successful inside the pocket ala Lamar Jackson

He’s been absolutely phenomenal… I had my concerns about him being accurate enough to make an impact in the SEC.He has really improved…he really takes care of the ball, makes good decisions of when to run but equally important to me is his leadership which rubs off on his teammates. I’ll be very glad for him to be our quarterback for the next 2 years.I think he will actually try to come in a little bit lighter next year to be even faster and more explosive


Last year Corral was great but he threw a lot of picks. I’d say KJ is ahead of him in his first year as a starter. He’s really protected the ball. He has the chance of bing special next year. Just need the OL to tighten up and some receivers step up.


:joy::joy::joy::joy:. I remember as well.

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