Kirk Bohls scathing review of Texas/Arkansas

Bohls is probably the closest thing Texas has to a Clay Henry these days. He didn’t pull any punches in his post-game review.


Clay might not appreciate that comparison…

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good read, even if he doesn’t seem to give our program a lot of credit. sigh, longhorns.


Meh, he only had one sentence, mid-article, that was pretty anti-Hog. Every time he criticizes UT its because UA did something well.

yeah not even close to Clay and their Format is horrible.

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I am not a fan of Kirk. He is the reason I resigned from the All-America committee of the Football Writers Association of America. I declined to say hello on Saturday.


Sarkisian said "It wasn’t so much what they did as much as what we didn’t do.” I heard this exact same line after the Texas Bowl in 2014. Biggest non-sensical cliché ever muttered. How about a “They whipped our butts and we have a lot of work to do to compete with a team like Arkansas.” That might generate a little respect.

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There is alot of “it’s not what the other team did but what we didn’t do in this loss” sentiment while it may be true at times, it does not apply in this case when you are throughly beat in all phases.
Key reminder is that players play the game and Coaches prepare them and make adjustments. Pittman’s teams have played with passion and confidence–that is the main job of the coach. Other coaches by extension are compared to the effort when their teams fail to match that effort and preparation.

I find it interesting that the best team in the country , Alabama, has had it two best offensive coordinators (Kiffin and Sark) get their butts kicked by cellar dwelling Arkansas the first time they played the Hogs in successive years. Clearly Barry Odom is good at what he does because neither of these two adjusted to what he was doing during the game. It will be interesting to see Kiffin’s second round when we play this year.
Sometimes you have to say you got beat and tip your hat to the other team. Texas will have a hard time being humble but SEC will help them get there.

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That chess game will be fascinating from both perspectives. Kiffin will scheme to attack us and Odom will scheme to give him different problems than he prepared for. If that had been OleMiss’s offense, Corrall’s better legs and better accuracy would have exploited us more than Texas did. Odom used a confusing mix of blitzes and stunts early against Texas and then he coasted to the victory playing very vanilla the rest of the way. Against Ole Miss, we will be more like early in the game against Texas than like we were late in the game.

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Now that’s a story I’d like to know more about. :thinking:

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Not going into the details. I would be breaking the rules I accepted when I took a spot in the committee four years ago. Needless to say I disagree with the format and results. I expressed that when I left.

He’s right. Texas didn’t beat us at the line of scrimmage. Didn’t stop our runs. Didn’t stop our passing. Didn’t beat us with their running game. Didn’t beat us with their passing game. Didn’t beat us with their special teams play. Didn’t out-coach us or out-play us. It didn’t take much effort of our part at all. We were just better than them.

Screw Sarkisian.


I have some relatives in Texas that are longhornies and after the Texas Bowl in 2014, that was their big excuse was Ark didn’t play that great, we just played terrible. When we texted this past Sunday about the game the very first sentence was Texas deserves this one, Ark didn’t play that great…before he finished the sentence I said you can only use that once every ten years and it’s only been seven so give me something else. Crickets.


One of the best things about that game is when Texas had the ball on about the 1 foot line, 1st & goal, with just under 4 minutes in the game, they ran the ball 3 straight times & still couldn’t get in. They used up 2 valuable minutes in the process. They finally barely got in on the 4th down to establish the final score of 41-20.

When TX can only make 1 foot in 4 tries against AR, it means they just don’t have the horses in the LOS.

Of course, they came up short on their onside kick with under 2 mins to play. Malik Hornsby, our back up QB, then ran for 29 yards to the TX 9. He took a knee on 3 straight snaps standing in shotgun formation–thus reducing our total net rushing yards against them by about 9-12 yards. We were merciful or it would have been 47-21.

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All I meant by my comment was that Bohls is probably the most senior and widely read of those on the Texas beat. I still believe that to be true. Did not say or imply that he and Clay were similar in style or big buddies.

To be truthful, I had no idea about Clay’s personal differences with Bohls - why would I? But all of this is much discussion about a peripheral comment that has been discussed too much already. The content of the article is/was the point.

My point was Clay’s total disdain for all things EOE. And somehow it wouldn’t surprise me if Kirk is a jerk.

It’s Ok. I was still interested to read it. So thanks Wiz.

I can understand why you wouldn’t like him, he comes across as a real Richard in his writing.

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The Horn’s defense of “the other team didn’t play good, we just played bad” will be used a lot this season…

At some point this season, I expect Sark will get the dreaded call from Larry Johnson.

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