Kirby Smart

is at John Mincey’s basketball game right now.

He could be there to see junior Trezman Marshall, who everyone in the nation wants. Guess we’ll see.

Well, I suppose all we can say is that the Coaches gave it their best shot. Hard to compete with the Coach of the home state flagship team that just played for NC…

As I stated before, IMO if we get Tyree Wilson and the kid from OK we shouldn’t be worried about Mincy

Like I said, Smart could’ve just been there for Trez.

I think Richard is right about Kirby Smart visiting next years prospect. GA has #1 2018 class by many experts with 9 enrolled already and 11 that have signed NLI’s . With two other commits that leaves about 3 slots open in this class. I am thinking Tenn and Rocker is the competition here.