Kirby Smart pushing for possible end to the Cocktail Party

I missed this earlier in the week. It’s interesting because we’ve had the same conversation here about Arkansas-Texas A&M.

Kirby Smart, due to recruiting reasons, is up in arms this week about the Georgia-Florida game being played in Jacksonville.

The series is only under contract through next year. It could be that the Red River game will be the only annual neutral-site game on the SEC schedule moving forward.

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And once they discover both how tough the SEC is and the recruiting disadvantage of that neutral-site game, it’ll be moved back to their respective campuses as well.

That’s BS if the PTB let it go through. It hasn’t hurt his recruiting one bit. Last five classes have ranked 3rd, 4th, 1st, 2nd, and 1st. They are currently ranked 3rd.

90 years of tradition and some Coach making millions can just come in and whine about it. Get a grip. Arkansas and A&M don’t have a tradition in Dallas. The World’s Largest Cocktail party does.

Ultimately the boosters will decide. Jacksonville may not be such fun.

I see what you’re saying on his classes but I’m sure Kirby thinks the off-campus games have cost him a few kids. The one weekend the game is in Jacksonville is a weekend a kid might have a weekend open and Ga. is in Jacksonville.

He makes it clear that recruiting is more important than a cocktail party. I can’t argue against that. Just like I can’t argue that playing in Arlington helps anything at this point.


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