Kingsley will play for Minnesota in summer league

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This could be a pretty good situation for him. Justin Patton, the Wolves’ No. 16 pick from Creighton, broke his foot and won’t play. He’s a center, too, which means Kingsley should get more of an opportunity.

Had 2 points, 3 rebounds, a block, 3 fouls and a turnover in 6 minutes in a loss to Toronto. Only played garbage time, but did have a nice block.

Looked good while out there. Seems like he is the last option on the team right now. Tomorrow’s game and Tuesday game is on ESPN2

Three minutes today in Minny’s 90-71 win over Denver. No stats except for a steal; his plus-minus was -3.

It was garbage time, so plus minus really is not relevant.

It definitely appears there is no future with Minnesota for Kingsley.

I know it’s not relevant, but that, minutes played and the steal were the only thing on his stat line which weren’t goose eggs.

I’m reminded of Mark Titus, who used to write for Bill Simmons at Grantland (and may still write for his new site, which I’ve never visited) and who was a walkon player at Ohio State. Titus would get in at the end of a blowout, and his box score line would be one minute played and nine zeroes. Thus he deemed himself a member of Club Trillion.

And, it hasn’t been better this week. A DNP Coaches decision and a one minute play time with a turnover and personal foul. I was sure hoping he could pull this off, but it is looking more like overseas if he wants to play.

I think what’s hurting Kingsley is he an undersized center at 6’9, and the NBA is moving away from the traditional center position. It’s moving towards a guard, wing, forward league. Brad Stevens the Celtics coach has already stated that’s the way he labels his players. With his height and size he would have to be a guy that can handle the ball and stretch the floor with his shooting and show that he could play the 4 spot. He could eventually get there, but probably far from it right now. Had this been 10 years, he possibly would have made a roster, because back then getting an athletic center that can play defense, run the floor, and block shots, would have been enough.