Kingsley vs. Williams, plus Thompson

This matchup will determine the outcome of tonights game. If we handle Williams like we did Saiz, we will be fine. I’m looking for the same type of defense. We need MK and TT to have solid defensive performances without getting in foul trouble. If TT can play like he did against OM, look for him to log 25+ minutes. I hope to see more of him in the second half than the first half.

Inside with the big men are important. Moses and Trey wil need help from the guards rebounding in this game. Team defense together gets the job done!
I wonder who will have the hot hot hand and catch fire shooting. It would be awesome for the team to have 6 players in double figures scoring and 2 with double doubles.
Stay healthy tonight avoid injuries and play hard and we will win. The crowd tonight is worth 10 to 15 points! WPS!!

Texas A&M center Tyler Davis (14.1, 6.9) is better than Williams (11.7, 7.7) right now, but obviously Williams’ potential is better.

There is also Tonny Trocha-Morelos (8.3, 5.0) so it’s not just one big, but 3 for them