Kingsley Swats Arkansas into the SEC Tournament Semifinals (story)... … emifinals/

Those blocks late were huge! The hogs let Ole Miss hang around. When we played them on the hill the hogs converted those fast breaks into points tonight we failed to finish a lot of fast breaks. Some by taking wild shot attempts, other not sharing and passing! Late Macon shared by passing to Beard and Beard made the shot. A few minutes earlier Beard did not share by passing to Cook whom was wide open and could have dunked instead we got “0”!
We need to take advantage of those chances aginst Vandy and we need to rebound with intenseiy. I hope Vandy has jelly legs by halftime.
We shot a higher percentage from 3 than what we shot inside the arc. Mostly because of our failure to pass the ball.
The free throw line saves our hogs!

We passed the ball just fine. Got a ton of layups, many of which we missed. OM swatted a few, but we just plain missed others. Make a few more layups, this is a comfortable win instead of a nail biter.

I agree they played just fine but shot poorly, I think it had more to do with getting familiar with the arena, OM had a game advantage.