Kingsley huge disappointment

Just a complete nonfactor

He made (1) shot and had 2 rbs… I’m stunned.

He has regressed. Sorry for him. :wink: :frowning:

He has regressed. Sorry for him. :wink: :frowning:

He has been totally misused all season long.
He is a center, not a forward. He could dominate in the middle, but negates all of that by being out on the floor all the time.
This is a fatal coaching issue in my opinion. It has killed this season, his season and damaged his draft potential.
We could be watching an unmatchable force in the middle that would solve many of the defensive woes this team has. Instead we have a guard wanna be and what appears to be limited guidence or control placed upon him.

You can say that again!

Actually, he can’t dominate in the middle. His shooting percentage with his back to the basket is horrible.

Our lack of half court offense for him or high percentage shots is stunning.

Half baked screens and motion with little apparent reason.

Few teams in America are further out when receiving the ball than we appear sometimes so far from the key.

I go horse from yelling at the TV “move” or set a screen.

We settle too often for low percentage shots.
Look like heros when make it but not always smart basketball. If worked an inside game more on the road we win that game against Missouri in my view.

Moses is soft as Charmin. I have said it numerous times on this board. If a player gets physical with Moses he fades. I noticed it late last year. I will almost guarantee you it in the opposing teams scouting report.

Exactly, which is why they’ve really gone away from posting him up as often as they had earlier in the year. It was just so inefficient.

Theoretically, he’d score a few times a game off duck-ins and dump-offs. But the guards rarely set him up.

Theoretically, he’d be a force as a roller in the pick-and-roll. They use ball screens regularly, but a lot of the time the screener either slips it or just doesn’t hold the screen long enough, which allows the defender guarding the ball to get around it and prevent the defense from getting out of position, which is whole point of a pick-and-roll.

He’s been a good offensive rebounder most of this year. Obviously didn’t do a great job there yesterday.

I don’t mind him taking a jumper or 2 a game or posting up a few times. Gives the defense something else to think about and teams have shown they’ll still send a double.

His scoring is the least of the issues. They need his rebounding and defense. No one else can impact the game in either area like he can. Both were lacking in Columbia.

There is a lot of truth in this post. The screens are a pet peeve of mine.

Mike’s best Missouri teams moved and cut with purpose, worked together to move the defense and create open looks.

This group is obviously at its best when it can run off turnovers and misses. When they get in the halfcourt, they don’t move with urgency as often as you’d like. Sometimes it seems like they’re going through the motions knowing someone can make a play, which works a lot of the time because they do have talented scorers.

But they could make it easier on themselves if they worked in unison more and moved with purpose. It’s hard to play one-on-one against good defenses.

Attitude from the tip lost that game and not running any motion offense. That’s typical for a team that has no leadership and discipline. We are not a good team!
A game is 40 minutes not 5 minutes! It’s not possible to play like meatheads for 35 minutes and attempt to make enough plays in 5 minutes to dig yourself out of a hole. They still don’t understand what a good shot is! Sure don’t value a possession. They never adjust to the way a game is being called. Worse game in 20 years.
It’s seem like a reflection of our society totally out of control.
The incoming class needs to show positive sign as soon as they enroll!
I hope they can win some of the remaining games but it won’t happen the way they played yesterday. It’s not all Moses they need to establish some offense with ball movement and player movement.

I dont know, always been a favorite of mine, but this year early on and more so often times in many games, he only has a good 10 to 12 minutes a game! Seems to be a mix of no fire in starts and at times looks like a guy with a chip on his shoulder with some pouting going on! Seen it early and often and just dont understand it! With fire he can be one of the SECs best! This year his stock has plummeted in the NBA and what ashame!

He will go to the NBA and encounter a team with veteran scoring options, so they won’t allow him to be a focal part of the offense. He will only be a defensive stopper, rebounder and pick up some loose buckets. This year is a good teaching moment for him in that this team is microcosm of what he will in encounter in the NBA. This year’s Hogs don’t need him to score, but we do need him to defend, rebound, block shots, and pick up loose baskets.

The NBA will be judging him on how he handles this reduced role.