Kingsley and Macon 0-9

Certainly makes for tough going. C’mon guys, settle down

Reminds me of that NIT ass kicking at Cal a couple of years ago. Awful performance. Embarrassing.

Yep these two playing poor, and their lack of effort should have their butts stuck on the bench a long time ago. This is infuriating. Guys that look like they gave up hanging their heads shouldn’t be on the floor. The only decent/ not terrible minutes we got were from the lineup with Thompson out there, but we only get about 4 minutes with that lineup then it is back to losing big with Kingsley Thomas Cook or small ball lineups. Smh. I can’t understand. I also just can’t decide if this is more on coaches or players. I mean there is just no effort on defense period and selfish standing around pounding the dribble offense. We will be lucky if we don’t lose by 47

I’m sick of Macon faking injuries too. If you too hurt to run back down the floor, find a spot on the bench. What happened to the rule if they stop play for your supposed injury you have to come out the game?

I love his swagger when he brings it, but he acts like toughness is just optional whenever he feels like it.

The second half I would like to see everybody that hangs their head or slacks on defense one time just sent straight to the locker room.

Let’s see Beard, Barford, Watkins, Bailey and Thompson… as long as they don’t embarrass the program with a loser attitude just keep them out there to teach the rest of the guys what effort looks like.