Can you believe he got fired at Tech and gets an NFL head coaching job. That’s insane.

I bet Bret can’t believe it!

Sometimes it’s all about how you use them.

Brett wouldn’t be the only one that cant believe it. However Brett might be more suited for the NFL than Klingsbury since recruiting isn’t so crucial.

Kingsbury was hired to tutor Josh Rosen and score some points. He can do that, but can he manage a team of grown men? That is a tough job. The Cardinals are probably looking for a guy like the Rams hired and hope its Kingsbury. He is probably as good a choice as one of those retreats the NFL usually hires.

Amazing to me that a coaching savant like Big Bret was not mentioned for one college opening this year and I’ve not seen him mentioned with any pro jobs either.

Amazing that team after team after team is overlooking this coaching giant!

Yep and I wonder if Jeff Long had strict instructions not to call Brett.

I don’t look for any of our former coaches getting head coaching jobs, now or in the future.

Kansas won’t be on the schedule in the NFL. :sunglasses:
yeah I stole that line

3-9 with highlight victory over us did not merit a bonus in coach’s mind. Straight up but does show how weak we are perceived across the board:

Colorado State: Mike Bobo has declined a $100,000 raise after the Rams’ 3-9 season.

Kingsbury >>>> CBB and wife at all times. Kingsbury may be offensive to many on here, but he stands for his kids and program stronger than either of our last two. CBB is a dinasour and appeals to Bellicheck and Saban types who can afford the image.

Kingsbury spent a few years as a backup in the NFL. That is an advantage he has over some other college coaches who have gone to the NFL. Most never played in the league and did not understand the difference in dynamics between a college locker room and a professional one.

I think the bigger issue is what kind of staff he will be able to put together. I imagine most of the veteran NFL assistants are going to be skeptical of working for a 39-year-old who had a losing college record.

Not offensive to me - without him we’d likely never learned that our brain surgeon of a coach had managed to offend and insult God knows how many Texas HS coaches with his big mouth at the TX HS coaching convention.

Thank you Kliff!