Kingsbury fired at TT

Is Trevor Robinson in play again?

Is he better/higher ranked than current guys?

Per 247, yes, but each service is different

Edit, answer re: rankings, I don’t know if he is better or in play

You stay in touch with guys like Trevor.

Couldn’t have happened to a bigger A-hole. Will not be missed.

I wouldn’t rule out Trevor. As I like to say, we’ll see.

One person that worked for him said he wasn’t a good person. I think that was the G rated term.


I’m gonna admit up front that I’m not sure about this . . . but it seems to me that the offense Morris wants to put in place here (which is not what we saw this season, BTW) is not a great fit for a 6’11" 350 lb lineman.

That would have been prototypical for a Beliema offense - but not-so-much for what we are moving to. I think “good feet” and mobility will be more valued in the Morris era than pure size.

That’s a lot of man to get around if he’s the Center.