King Saban pulls a NSD Philon, again

Ha, he lost this year in the NC game. You will always pay the price and it all trickles down somehow.

I’m not sure this type of behavior caused him to lose the NC game. Seems to me you’re stretching to make that case.

I don’t understand why everyone gets so bent about Saban asking an athlete who has been committed for awhile to greyshirt or even pulling a scholarship offer late. In this case Saban didn’t pull a scholley, just delayed it.

Actually pulling a scholarship doesn’t bother me anyway, particularly when you consider the large number of athletes who pull their own commitment to a school to go to one with a more prestigious football program. Some even wait to signing day to do it.

Works both ways and neither should be anything to get twisted about it. I certainly don’t see it as a moral issue; just business as usually happens every year.

Coaches and athletes are doing what they think is best for themselves, their teams and families.

Not knowing the inside story, I wonder if Saban knew the intentions of the player prior to Feb. 1. If not, it’s hard to blame Saban for covering his bases and accepting the first player in that position to sign. If he did know the player’s intentions, that might be a different story. Recruiting, though, is a cut-throat business on both ends of the spectrum. I’m happy with how CBB handles recruits. Sure, there could be more “sexy” star power, but for the most part, he seems to handle his recruits with integrity.

According to the story (I saw it on SDS, so take it as you will), Parks was a 4* DE set to sign with Bama around 10:00 am, Saban wouldn’t take his commitment because there was a 5* DE set to announce later in the day, that might choose Bama. It’s my understanding the kid chose Bama, and the 4* decided to greyshirt. He loved Bama and was willing to greyshirt instead of play at another school. He was upset, Philon was mad. That was the difference in the two outcomes. Can’t blame the kid for being upset, or greyshirting at his DREAM school.