King Saban pulls a NSD Philon, again

Anyone still “curious” as to why CBB handles things the way he does? Anyone want to be a part of this year after year? Anyone think 1 media member will call him out for it? … ent=safari

Must be a nice problem to have…

Unfortunately, Saban won’t pay a price for this. Too bad he left the kid in the lurch. I suppose we don’t have room to bring him in to take advantage of it. It sure worked out well for us on Philon, but unless there’s something I don’t know, we’re full. (Or are we?)

Maybe that 25th spot can be put to use. :stuck_out_tongue:

I get the impression that Saban doesn’t care much for the NSD shows that some athletes like to present. I wonder if the kid had sent his signed LOI at 7 am he would have been part of the class?

This kind of publicity is killing Saban, he just signed 16 Four Stars and 7 Five Stars… yes, seven Five Stars. He even got a kid (Four Star) to grey shirt that had offers from Auburn and Georgia among many others. Whatever he’s doing wrong, doesn’t bother the next wave of Four/Five Stars every year.

How painfully true.

No one has said it’s killing him. In fact, I’ve been saying he can do whatever he wants and reload.

That doesn’t make it right.

There won’t be much that is made out of it. Bama is already spinning it and has convinced him to grayshirt.

So, the beat goes on and the Kingmakers will continue to pump him up.

It doesn’t change the fact that it’s slimy behavior.

PIG, a slight tongue-in-cheek surrounding “It’s killing him”, I understood your intent, sorry you didn’t understand mine. He is a slime ball but everybody in the SEC must go through Bama to win a conference championship. The slime ball recruits the number one class year after year and he knows how to coach them… it gets really old losing to them over most of the last decade without much hope in the near future.

It’s my understanding that Mr. Parks has decided to greyshirt with Bama. So, he has the home he wanted and can dry his eyes.

Yep, and think if Byars would have been eligible they’d have had two Philon issues. I wonder if Byars would have been willing to Greyshirt

He can get away with it because he wins championships. Doesn’t make it right, but that’s the truth.

I understood. My post seemed agitated and it wasn’t. I just really can’t stand the way the media kisses his butt. It’s a part of the problem.

He also gets away with it because the media laps it up. And by doing so, it reinforces his mythology and allows him to keep it rolling.

He makes plenty of mistakes on and off the field in recruiting, coaching and all the other HC duties.

But, he is treated like a deity despite the fact that he has made plenty of huge mistakes along the way.

Put him af MI St or Lsu and he is just a very good coach with a ring.

Put him at Bama and he is now some omniscient God of Football who can do no wrong. It’s tiresome.

I think the media has mentioned it some. He’s not the only one that does it.

Alabama fans and the administration won’t say a word because of he wins big.


I think the media has mentioned it some. He’s not the only one that does it.

Alabama fans and the administration won’t say a word because of he wins big.
[/quote]And to be honest, he has different issues/problems that very few people/programs ever had to deal with, so hard to be too judgmental.
Don’t get me wrong, scatter shotting ( and that is not a word) recruiting is something that they should be above at this point. They get whomever they really want. Not a Saban fan.

Kid is a 4-star, Rivals 250, Scout top 100, ESPN300, and he GRAYSHIRTS?

Saban wanted the Ray kid and got him and that pushed the kid down on the list. Saban was protecting himself.

And it is for reasons like this that I found myself pulling for Dabo and Clemson in the NC game. He goes about coaching in a much different manner than CNS. I’m not saying he is incapable of doing the same thing, but it seems to me his overall approach is opposite of Saban’s. I find it refreshing.

Coach Saban is to college football as Coach Calipari is to college basketball when it comes to the national media carrying their water.

THIS on ALL points. Couldn’t agree with you more.