Kind of proud of this

45 years to be exact. Unless somebody knows more than I do the Foundation records are not up to date in the 70’s and early 80’s…


Anybody get one of these? If so how long?

I have been donating for more than 60 years, their records do not go back that far.

We got a 40-year pin a couple years ago, even though the family has been giving through the same account much longer than that. Pretty sure the Foundation even states in the disclaimer for Priority Points that their records have a cutoff date, but can’t remember if the date is actually stated.

Awesome!! Great job!

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Before I was in college my grandfather called and asked about parking due to my grandmother’s bad hip (replacement surgery fixed some, but not all, of the issue). He was able to document to them from his own records season ticket purchases back to 1946. Not sure how he did that, but I do recall him saying he was concerned about the cost of the photocopy bill when he copied everything. He noted he had been a part of letter writing campaigns back in the day that alums were asked to write letters to football recruits. He had a copy of the letters. He then kindly noted his tax statements about donations to the university over the years prior to the RF.

Whether they felt sorry for my grandmother, or were impressed with my grandfather’s spunkiness, he was provided a parking pass well above his donor grade. Very far beyond. When he was ready to transition the account to my mom he drove over and spent time in the RF office with those photocopies (which were not present in RF files, but someone in the office remembered it, 20 years later) and his account was flagged for continued preference for parking.

When the NEZ expansion caniibalized a lot of parking spots, and long-time big-money donors were shipped out we were also impacted. The RF official I spoke with (I now am the account holder) was amazed at the story, and said, “yeah, there are notes here but it is so bizarre of a story I don’t think most folks would pay attention to it.” We got a modestly kind parking assignment - not the luxury spot from my grandmother’s era, but not exiled to the hinter regions of Washington County.

I rationalized that we were fortunate for longer than we deserved, and despite my grandfather’s dedication to all things Razorback over the decades there are lots of other folks like him - handing off estate-giving and legacies and at some point the RF has to draw a line (gentle, and kind, drawing…I hope). We were relieved we were taken care of as well as we were. We are not an uber-donor, and neither was Granddad, and are grateful for whatever “longevity” clause might exist.


Man, I’m ONLY at 24 years! Nice work!!!

It will be interesting to see what the redo in parking next year will entail. I was talking with Patrick Kameling last month about moving one of mine closer, as they really didn’t fit my donation level. I basically was able to move somewhat closer because there was one donor who didn’t renew this year that had a closer lot. They are redoing basketball this year and we were given our preference on 3 lots and to choose from them. I would imagine football will be a much bigger head ache next year.

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