Kim Dameron WR?

I do not remember Kim moving to WR for his senior year. Seems like a curious move since he was a pretty dang good DB. How did that work out?

I remember Dameron came to Arkansas as a walk on.

I read an article from our newspaper before his senior season, 1982, that basically said Dameron had struggled at safety the year before and was moved to receiver because of the addition of Greg Lasker, a much bigger safety. Dameron was about 5-9, 160 and began his career as a receiver, but was moved to defense because of injuries his freshman season.

When I hear Kim’s name, I remember him playing both DB and WR. Might have returned a kick or two along the way as well. Versatile player in his day.

Kim had an interception in that 42-11 blowout of Texass in '81. Of course as many times as the Fallopians turned it over that day it was the rare Hog who didn’t have one.

I remember him giving us a huge lift at corner as a true freshman walkon in 79. We were desperate, and the young Kim did a heckuva job for us that season.

Didn’t he have a real good game one year against A&M?

Dameron had three interceptions in 1981 and 16 catches in 1982, his only season at WR. No TDs. We beat TAM 35-0 at WMS in '82 and it’s possible he had a good game, although what I remember most about that game is the Aggies couldn’t get the ball past midfield most of the afternoon (day game for TV).

My wife, who was not much of a football fan until she married me, remembers another great game Kim had, at quarterback. She recalls an excellent performance as a Rogers Mounties quarterback against Bentonville in 1978.

My wife was a sophomore in the Bentonville HS band. Kim’s dad had been the head coach at Bentonville the season before and got fired. Fans had been pretty hard on him and on Kim that season. Kim’s dad ended up on staff at Rogers the next year and, of course, Kim transferred there for his senior season.

Kim, as quarterback, led the Mounties to an undefeated regular season and the state semifinals. During the year, Rogers played Bentonville in a regular season non-conference game (Bentonville was far smaller than Rogers in those days). The Mounties ripped the Tigers and, according to my wife, Kim had a great game and took great pleasure in celebrating in front of the Bentonville fans who had been none too kind to his dad the year before.

Yes, his first start as a freshman in 1979. He had 10 tackles.

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