Kiffin will be a nightmare to defend

They do an incredible job of making you cover the whole field, you never know what’s coming next, very unpredictable and have the athletes to pull it off.I’m not impressed with their defense but their offense is going to be an absolute nightmare to defend

Yup …

Offense should look somewhat familiar gentlemen…just not spread as wide.

I hope you’re right.they have called just about every kind of play you can call so far defense has no clue what to key on.the only problem with these type offenses when it gets to be short-yardage in the shotgun it’s very hard to get a yard or two against a great defense.

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Briles is subject to throw the ball 30 yds downfield like Petrino on 3rd and 1

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I’m more worried about Mullen. Florida and Trask are pretty bad a**.

As to the OP, the Land Sharks don’t seem to be sharks at all regarding the supposed defense.

OM defense is non-existent for sure but the offense will be very hard to stop because of all the different things they show you and can execute.
Otoh I haven’t watched much of the Auburn game but ole Chad seems to be really cranking out them yards against Kentucky.

I’ve watched a good deal of Auburn vs Ky. I’m not impressed with Chad’s guys. Ky is only down by 2.


Yeah, you are like me. About the time that I post something like that the opposition steps it up. Aubi is up by 16 now.

The announcer just said that the Auburn offense has the stamp of Chad Morris strategy. And it appears ole Gus has given him the reins. I agree. What I’ve seen is no left lane, hammer down (for the most part). Looks like Chad to me.

Auburn has worn them down with superior players.

Kentucky has an athlete trying to make him into a quarterback pretty much all run and no pass has made it a lot easier for Auburn.
Back to my original post. Kiffin offense has put up over 500 yards on Florida and 35 points over 300 yards in the second half. We better hope our offense is prolific because we will surely need it to win that game.

I only watched a bit of the Ole Miss game but I was impressed with the Ole Miss OL. (recruited and coached by Luke) Of coarse Lame Kiffin is an offensive guru. No doubt.

They did do a pretty good job but their quarterback was very agile and moved around and threw the ball extremely well… Corral was a 4-star recruit.

Can’t wait to see how we do been waiting a while to find out what we’re going to look like

Ole Miss has some athletes, especially on offense, but I was unimpressed with how the Gator secondary played. I thought Florida took a lot of plays off on defense.

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