Kiffin to Oregon?

Rumors heating up for the Faber College job.

Kiffin knows he will probably never be any hotter than right now. OM will take a step backward next season with the loss of Corral. If offered, he’ll probably take the job.

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Hope he moves on. Anywhere but the SEC.


There sure are a lot of people who act scared to death of Lane Kiffin now. So many posters wanted no part of him two years ago. They beat us by one point. One conversion from having the exact same record


Media name recognition and recruiting ability.

I didn’t want Kiffin. Still don’t. Partly because he’s someone I’d expect to be always looking for a better gig. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t coach. He’s got OM to a 10-2 record. First 10 win season in school history. OM is a harder place to win than the UA. I’d love to see him leave.


I suspect my assessment of Kiffin is biased, as I fail to understand why he has been annointed the offensive savant that so many say he is. What offensive coordinator in recent times did not show pretty well with the exceptional talent provided by Alabama? The way the wide receivers showed against Georgia, spoke volumes of the caliber of athletes the talented quarterbacks and Offensive Coordinators have to work with. Don’t know enough about his tenure in Florida, other than to recognize that Drinkwitz looked pretty good at a lower level and less exceptional at a higher level (as a matter of fact his Missouri teams offensive potency against us, looked very pedestrian).

Corral has shown to be a real difference maker, especially his ability to run and keep plays alive. Their scheme is good, but not sure if it looks the same with a less dynamic signal caller. Kiffin may be a bigger reason behind the Ole Miss success, but I am not convinced without seeing a bigger sample. Him staying at Ole Miss is not really anything that I think Arkansas or its fans will/should lose sleep.


Excellent- let him head out West!

Kiffin is controversial so the last big job opening is naturally going to link him to it, he just signed a new deal w Ole Miss and he will find another QB. I think he’s back.

Probably so. Hate it, but if he’s inked a new deal–well-paid I’m sure–he’s there for at least another year.

Cause Nike doesnt have the money for the buyout?

Remember he’s a Jimmy Sexton client. Sexton is probably on the phone to Eugene right now. He’d be on the phone for Sam except Sam told him not to.

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Sam is 1-1 against him. He had no clue how to stop us. What is the deal. Nothing special


Sounds like they’re more interested in Chip Kelly, Harsin from Auburn but we will see

Same here- after 2 years with him in SEC i’m absolutely sick of him

If Harsin gets the chance, he should jump at it. His seat will be very hot next year. They want championships at Auburn, and sooner rather than later. And even short of championships, they’re definitely not going to tolerate 6-6 seasons very long.

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I don’t know if this is true, but I read somewhere that Kiffin’s buyout at Ole Miss has not changed, even though he has the new $7.5 million contract. I don’t know if Oregon is interested in him, but I suspect if they are, and there’s mutual interest, the buyout won’t be a problem.

The man can coach, he has proved it on numerous levels. Now, he does have the personalty of a snake if you are not part of his inner circle, and even then, you may be thrown overboard in deep water. He is convincing, changing Saban’s offense from primarily a ground game to a wide open five receiver scheme. That changed not only Bama’s fate but the entire SEC. I hope he puts on the waders and becomes a duck.

Harsin apparently has issues with the vaccine so I know it has caused some grief down at auburn. I am sure that won’t fly at Oregon

Probably lock him up in Oregon or maybe just send him to a re-education facility. Another year with under nine wins and he’s done at Auburn unless one of an 8-4 is Bama. I think this year was his best hope for that. One very nasty rivalry.