Kiffin to ole miss official

Congrats to their fans, I’m sure they are excited. They have a solid AD who pounced and got a good coach.

I’m jealous


Then be there fan.

lol, ok?

Don’t worry jr, when our hire is announced you’ll be happy

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Baked, you keep suggesting that. I hope you’re right but I doubt I will be.

Are you being serious Baked?

Sure hope you’re right Baked

Who ya got Bake?

Serious question. What has changed baked? I thought we were not going to be happy earlier this morning.

Pittman HC, Chaney OC, and Shannon DC

Bret B, just agreed, former contract is reinstated. New clause added, no Tito’s

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I said jr would be happy, didn’t say we

Thanks for posting that, jr. I feel so much better knowing that the team I hate the most just whipped our $$$ once again.

I guess I am going to have to pull a Mark Grace slump buster and go across town tonight. Anybody else want to go with me?

That Keith Carter has been putting a dagger in our hearts since he didn’t get offered by CNR.

Then it’s not who we’d got, but who we didn’t get for jr to be happy.

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Yep, Arkansas raised Ole Miss AD sticks it to us once again. Battle for assistants will be interesting.

Got it

Love the Mark Grace slump buster reference. That’s a great story.

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Now my heads spinning

Man, I’ve heard so much stuff since 8:00 last night, I don’t think anyone (including HY) knows who the next coach will be.

Would love for one of the WholeHog guys to tell me I’m wrong.